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 - Post a description/link to the recipe you used
Fermented peppers for hot sauce
Enough peppers to fill a 2qt Mason jar. Seeds removed
1qt drinking water
1/4cup pickling salt

Pack the sliced peppers into a 2qt Mason jar

Mix water and salt separately to get the brine

Pour half of the brine into the pickle jar

Push the pepppers down into the brine to remove any trapped air

Continue filling and packing the jar with brine until the brine level is almost to the neck of the jar and peppers are completely submerged under the brine.

Place some kind of weight to hold the peppers under the brine, I used a pickle pebble

Cover the fermenting jar with a loose lid or use an airlock to allow the peppers to burp

Mark the jar with the date and contents so you don't forget

Keep the fermenter in a dark place at room temperature

Check the quality of fermentation after a week

 - post a picture of the ingredients chopped or ready to be packed in jar
The peppers had a uniform thickness so I only cut them up to save the seeds for another project.

 - post a picture of the filled jar.
Is Elaeagnus multiflora, the cherry elaeagnus, cherry silverberry, goumi, gumi, or natsugumi, native to Montana? 8 years ago I first read about this wonderful shrub. Now I see it next to parking lots and next to most contry roads and hiking trails. They seem  to be cold tolerant enough for Montana, and also spreads quickly via bird dropping.
4 months ago
Hi Joy, I love the house you have built. You are living my dream, if only I was further on in life to help you continue to build. Best of luck.
4 months ago
forged the blade of the kindle cracker out of 9/16" coil spring i found. I didnt want the blade any longer than it had to be, but while shaping the blade the steel stretched an extra inch. Also my quench tank is only 10" long so that was also a factor.

I flattend the sides and punched a 1/4" hole on each side to mount the blade. I thought it might double as a draw knife so i didnt want to permenently weld it to anything yet.  Also because the spring steel has a high chrome content so it doesn't weld to other metals

Before hardening the blade i stamped "MADE BY FOX" in the side of the blade with a cold chisle (some day ill find my letter stamps), and did some final sharpening.

For the legs I used perforated angle iron salvaged from a shelf.  1/4" bolts secure the blade in place.

I welded together a cage from some 3/16×1 1/4 bar stock. Then welded the cage to the top of the legs.

The chopping block is a cut off of a broken electrical pole buried to a sutable hight, but the pole was too narrow for a base mount so I mounted the the whole setup to the sides of the chopping block.
4 months ago
I cut this green pine branch and split it down the center. The split branch was a little crooked, so I cut and saved the straighter half.

Four holes were drilled using a 1/2" auger, then cleaning the holes with my pocket knife.

The hangers were chosen from a dry oak branch, and hammered in place using my new mallet.

Okios tree crops has a large selection of wild perennial seeds
5 months ago
Quick question, how can break up the text of my write ups with pictures?  Currently my text showes up at the top in one big block. Then all my pictures are below.

I just want to break up my BB write ups step by step with pictures to better document my projects.
5 months ago