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Recent posts by Philip Huerta

-Day 39-

Today marked my last day at Wheaton Labs.
Caravan fully loaded and safely out of the snowladen driveway,
I am off to another permaculture hub to continue and expand
my knowledge and experience.

I have learned so much about the human aspect of intentional community within a very short timespan.
What works, what doesn't work. A deep metaphysical principle that how we treat objects,
tools, animals, ourselves and each other is a direct reflection of our true inner selves.

I have gained core leadership experience in working with my boot Brothers, Chris, Dylan, Logan, Robbie, and my Ant Brother Jeremy.
I will always remember them and the goodtimes we had. I wish all of them Godspeed on their Journies.

I got to experience the spirit animal medicine of the area, and learned a great deal from the wildlife here at the Lab.
The turkey, squirrel, cat, dog, crow, osprey, and especially the deer.
They all offer powerful wisdom if one can observe with an open heart and mind.
I also witnessed the beauty of my first Montana winter, one which I will never forget.

I want to thank Paul and Jocelyn for inviting us into their household,
feeding us and giving us warm bunks to sleep in.
I would especially like to thank Jocelyn.
She was like a Tribal Mother to all of us and really made me feel at home.

Danke für alles.
Gott beschütze dich.
-Day 37-

• Constructed new cubbies in Auditorium, started work on workbench in Shop
• Finished tool rack in the Library
• Possibly starting transition into becoming an Ant
-Day 36-

• Third week of doing shelves... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-Day 35-

- Phase IV Shop Restoration DONE!
- Overtime 6 hrs
- New Boots arrived tonight Logan & Dillon
-Day 34- Sabbath/Rest
-Day 32-

• Snow started melting today, sun was shining bright all day
• You can probably guess what we did today...MO' SHELVES
-Day 31-

• Finished third rolling shelf, added planks to pantry shelves, started library shelving
• Added final touches to roundwood stairs in Auditorium
I believe I qualify for the post a picture for 30 days boot reward.
I have the same thoughts as Jeremy, I don't know the protocol in claiming a bounty, so I posted here.

Akhu's Permaculture Bootcamp Journey