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since Sep 23, 2018
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hello everyone,
i am gathering my knowledge and supplies to start a indoor aquapoincs system. i plan on doing at least 1 275 gallon IBC tote setup. i will have perch or tilapia in the tote, crayfish in the raft beds. i will also use the ebb and flow setup with the lid, pvc for vertical growth and plan on trying to grow duck weed for the fish or chickens (probably in some recycled gutters). this system will be of modular design and will be completed in steps rather then all at once.

so that is likely enough filtration with all the plants but i figure i can have a denser population and more buffer with a filter.  thinking one or more 55 gallon drums filled with a media for the bacteria.
on to the questions;
1) adding a barrel as a filter count toward total gallons when stocking fish? ie. i have 250 gallons in my tote and 20 more gallons in my raft beds and 40 gallons in my filter barrel, is that 310 gallons towards fish stocking?
2)media for filter, being an organic soil grower and all about reusing things, i thought if i could use crushed (not to powder,lol) lava rock, growstones, biochar, coco coir, etc i could then remove most (want to keep some in for the microbes colony) and add to my soil mixes and/or compost/vermicompost when it gets gunked up. anyone try this? what works best?

not a filter question but anyways,
i was thinking of using a 55 gallon drum for hatchlings/ small fry and connecting into the whole system, would that work or will the fry outgrow it too fast?

my end goal is fresh healthy food for my family and i, and all the "waste" is actually getting used to grow more food. cheap, eco-friendly, sustainable, and multi-purpose.
1 year ago