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Recent posts by Anthony Dougherty

Hey guys, we just lost our baby yesterday, so we won't be making it this year, I hope it is a great one and I'll miss y'all. Have a great year until next
3 weeks ago

Wuthe Puck wrote:Man, there is so much learned helplesness in these responses. I get it, the system feels unstoppable (and probably is - don’t fight it, make it obsolete.)

However, this fellow is willing to fight it!!! If you have the energy to fight it, sir, I commend you and offer a deep bow of respect.

One option for funding is GoFundMe crowdsourcing. It looks from your last post you may not be using this forum any longer, but I wonder how the fight went?

We worked with the town as my wife is not from here and that house is in her name, the chickens were moved and I brought to the town meetings the issues. They have said they understand but it will be to be litigated, so I will be opening another lawsuit as the town does not have the power to override neither the Constitution nor an unalienable right.
1 month ago

Matt McSpadden wrote:Hi Anthony,
Glad you found us :) I tried sending out some PM's to people from the old thread, but I don't think many people got them.

maybe I did see it once, I just saw it in my messages but like is crazy so I might have got distracted!

I'm excited to see us getting more formal! Next year or the next we may have our final property and we'll be doing an Eastern building workshop! So I hope to find those who would be interested!
2 months ago

Matt McSpadden wrote:Hi All,

You can now register for the Maine Permaculture and Homestead Meetup (formerly Maine Permies Meetup).

The time has come to plan the Maine Permies Meetup 2024! Here are the questions that need deciding.

What? - Two parts. The first part will be education with 3 presenters. Jesse Watson (Permaculture consultant) and Lisa Steele (Author and blogger on backyard chickens and cooking) and Justin Lapp (Assistant Professor at UMaine and Director of the Solar Thermal Energy Laboratory). Second part just down the road will be at the Timber Kitchen and Bar. This is the question I need your help on the most. Last year, we went to a nice restaurant with a lot of local food and had a great time fellowshipping. We could do that again. Many people expressed interest in something more. There are two main paths to look at here. One way would be to have a more free-form time at a park or farm with room for kids to play. The other would be more focused with work/instruction and probably need to be just adults or older children. In both cases I think it should culminate with a meal of some sort (whether potluck, catering, or restaurant is open for discussion). Other things suggested were: a special speaker, a documentary/instructional movie, a project on someone's homestead, building a rocket mass heater, an afternoon at a farm, or the fedco tree sale.

Who? - The first 40 people who want to come and can sit through presentations. The target is adults and older kids in Maine. Kids or no kids is really the only question here. And that will greatly be effected by the "What" question. Since I'm planning this, I get to decide the rest of this question. This is targeted for people living in Maine who have an interest in permaculture, homesteading, farming, gardening, sustainability, and the like. Anyone outside of Maine who wants to travel is also more than welcome.

When? - May 25th, 2024 part one - from 2pm to 5pm, part two - from whenever we get there to whenever (5:30pm until ?) Currently, I'm planning for sometime on the Memorial Day Weekend, which would be May 25th, 26th, or 27th (if I'm looking at my calendar correctly). If there are a majority of people who can't do this weekend, but can a different one, then I'm open to change.

Where? - Rize Center and then the Timber Kitchen and Bar, both in Bangor, Maine Last year, Bangor was the most centrally located geographically. Since it is fairly in the middle of the state, I think that still may be the case this year. If we have a large number of people interested, all from a certain area, this may skew things.

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks for posting in the other thread, I would have missed out otherwise! Excited to see you all again this year!
2 months ago

S Bengi wrote:Most cities/town that allow their citizens to raise chicken will specifically say no roosters allowed and a certain amount of setback from the fence line.

As with most things, the city only comes out if a neightbor calls and complaints and say you are causing problems to them, aka playing your music too loud, "playing your rooster too loud/etc".  You can try bribing your neighbors with eggs and maybe switching over to ducks and be more selective of the people that you tell your endeavers too, who might then report you.

Whats its like for me in Boston, MA

Yeah no as I said this is an unalienable constitutional right here, towns can't "allow" anything. Regardless there's clearly no help coming from here so I'd like to disable this forum if possible.
7 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:

Anthony Dougherty wrote:That wouldn't be relevant as we as a state made this amendment, the state construction trumps the town ordinances. We are just trying to get legal representation.

Are you making your fight on a State level?

I see your wife, Mona is being sued by Old Town, Maine for having a loud rooster.

I didn't get to read the article due to that Ad Blocker thingy.

The City of Bangor, Maine Charter now allows families to keep farm animals:

They are pointing to the loud roster, however the lawsuit is actually over zoning ordinance of livestock in a residential zone. It is presently only at the district level.
7 months ago

John Wolfram wrote:Since this is a fairly new amendment, its precise meaning has likely has not been hashed out in court yet. While you might be right, you are likely facing a long drawn-out expensive legal fight. The expression "is this the hill you want to die on?" seems appropriate in this situation.

If we can get the funds to get a lawyer yes, as this is literal tyranny, "all just powers of government are given by consent of the governed" the governed here reserved our right. I just need the finances to pay for a lawyer
8 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:I am sorry to hear of your troubles.

I am in agreement with Thomas.

If I wanted to have chickens I would try talking with other folks in town who want chickens.

Then as a group, we could draft an amendment or an ordinance to present to the Town Council.

I doubt that the Town Council would even consider allowing roosters so I would make my draft exclude them.

Best wishes for your chickens.

That wouldn't be relevant as we as a state made this amendment, the state construction trumps the town ordinances. We are just trying to get legal representation.
8 months ago

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Anthony;
I am certainly not a lawyer, but here is my take on your problem.
The amendment that you shared is a good thing to be a law in your state or better yet in every state!

However, I did not read it to directly mention livestock.
As I understand it, towns can have rules prohibiting cattle, pigs, goats, chickens, or any "livestock" within the city limits for sure and possibly throughout the entire county.
Seems they (city folk) do not want  "farm" sounds (roosters, cattle mooing} or even heaven forbid "farm" smells!  We like our burgers but we do not like smelling cow poop!

I suspect that you will not be able to fight this.

Raising of food would typically refer to raising of livestock, the amendment also signs these rights are to "any food of our choosing" sorry I posted the proposal, not the resolved amendment!
8 months ago
Hello, my name is Anthony Dougherty and my wife is Mona Dougherty. My wife purchased a house in Old Town, ME in 2022, where we have lived, we have two cats and two rabbits, and I have 4 chickens. These Chickens are why I am reaching out to you today.

Under a constitutional government, the people have all the rights and powers and we lend them to the various governments as we see fit. At one point in time, this included allowing local governments like town councils to limit our rights to produce our own food. Since July 2nd, 2021 however the citizens of the state of Maine took back this power from all forms of government through our constitutional amendment process.

Constitution, Art. I, §25 is enacted to read:
Section 25. Right to food. All individuals have a natural, inherent and unalienable right to save and exchange seeds and the right to grow, raise, harvest, produce and consume the food of their own choosing for their own nourishment, sustenance, bodily health and well-being, as long as an individual does not commit trespassing, theft, poaching or other abuses of private property rights, public lands or natural resources in the harvesting, production or acquisition of food.

On October 16th, 2023 the town of Old Town served my wife with a lawsuit concerning our chickens. According to their zoning ordinances, they are attempting to claim we have no right to keep livestock. The amendment calls this an unalienable right which infers that it is not transferable under any circumstance, and is a right that would be retained under any contract.

I am reaching out as we do not have the financial means to gain representation for this lawsuit, my wife is from Pakistan and is unfamiliar with the American system of Government and this is causing undue stress and fear for her, we have worked amicably with the town and were promised to be notified after I presented the amendment if we were still in violation, that was over a year ago with no notification from the town until this lawsuit. We are trying to find legal representation or financial support to get representation please share this with anyone who may be willing to assist us in defending the rights of Maine citizens to keep our food sovereignty.

Anthony Dougherty 2073327226
8 months ago