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Corrine Wittman

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since May 18, 2018
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I am a mature female, chef and pastry chef. I have several years of off grid, homesteading/farming.
I want to buy land in Northern Spain or Italy. I want to build my own home, revive the land and surroundings, and live off the land, with a small organic bakery.
I can't do it alone. I need a partner. I have almost enough to buy an acre.
I want out of the dysfunctional, toxic environment of the U.S.
I have U.S. and British citizenship, so I can more easily be a legal resident in the E.U.
I am presently in Northern California.
The global economy is gonna hit the fan soon. I want to be safe and able to provide for myself.
Please email me if you are SERIOUS about having the same kind of dream.
Thank you!
1 month ago
Hi Alec!
I'm a bit too old to be your lover but I have been trying to figure out how to find a partner to buy land in rural Italy or Spain. I am 40, female and have British citizenship. I am presently in northern California. I am a chef and pastry  chef and want to start an off grid homestead/small organic farm/artisan bakery. I want to buy rural land in the north with stone ruins to use to build a natural building/cave house.
Maybe somehow we  could be useful to eachother?
I can send you a picture on my
P.S. I lived near Bath, on an organic farm for a year. Also in the Scottish Highlands for a year. My mom was British.
1 month ago
Hi Permies
I am very interested in moving to Portugal or Spain to buy land and homestead. I need a partner. I would consider staying in the U.S. but am wanting a more sane and community- oriented life. Less Yang, more Yin.
I am in Northern Cal. I have about 15,000$ now.
I am especially keen on building a cave house modified with old stone house remains. I am a professional chef and, along with selling surplus produce, I want to have a small bakery out of my home. Olive oil production, apiary, fruit trees for jams, a few hens and a donkey or small horse.
I am very serious about my dream. It is long overdue. Truly serious replies only please!
1 month ago
Hello fellow permies!
I have just joined your site. I'm a single woman in my forties, a professional pastry chef/chef, and a wanna be farmer/homesteader. I lived and worked on a few farms in the U.K. and humboldt.
I don't have enough money to start a homestead on my own. I was hoping to find people who need some trade kinda thing. I can be learning from time you also. I could have a (another) cottage food business or a part time job somewhere.
If you know of anyone who could use a serious, dedicated, hard-working, passionate helper, please let me know!
All my life I have wanted to homestead. I refuse to give up trying.
3 years ago