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I just bought 5 acres near Big South Fork in TN. I will be starting from scratch but I have been living off grid anyway. I'm looking for a single woman, for a relationship and to join me on my new adventure!

Me: I have been gardening and living off grid for 4 months but I found a better place to do it. I want to be self-sufficient on a homestead. I like to garden, hike, swim, and work on projects to reach my self-sufficient goals. I'm an IFNP. I'm open to starting a family as well. I'm not really spiritual but I definitely don't mind anyone else being spiritual. Taoism makes sense to me but I don't practice. I do like meditation and yoga. I do like a good beer and joint at times and maybe shrooms occasionally. Lol. I don't want to be around any hard drugs. I'm left leaning politically but more in the middle. I'm open minded and can get along with anyone as long as they're a decent human despite any differences.

You: Open-minded, kind, love homesteading, animals and nature. Pretty simple list but I don't require much to be happy with another person.

The property: 5 acres of woods basically. There are some small spots for gardening and more can be cleared. There are 3 creeks and 1 is a spring. It's rugged but there are good spots for camping initially. Then I want to build a cabin and go from there. I want to make a homestead from raw land. It's near an awesome park: Big South Fork. The country side is filled with small farms. Jamestown is 25 minutes away.

That's all I can think of for now. Feel free ask any questions.

6 months ago
Hello! I am living in TN about 1 hour from Knoxville. I was recently accepted into a busy farmer's market and need some help! I grow microgreens and wheatgrass...and many other things. I have a small off grid cabin about 1/2 mile from Watts Bar Lake. I swim there often. I want to build a hobbit style home this summer and work on more garden beds. I have neighbors that will let me garden on their land as well. So, the sky is the limit for growing.

There is a 120 acre nature reserve about 1/2 mile away as well. So there is other activities beyond homesteading.

I am looking for someone who is relaxed and enjoys nature and homesteading. I want to spend a lot of time on the lake this year but there are plenty of projects to work on and we could go to a different farmer's market everyday.

The land is on a hillside so it is a lot of work. I have some solar energy. The cabin is only 8 x 16' but I plan to build more and a camping spot can be made. I collect rainwater however there are showers at a nearby campground. Cherokee National Forest is an hour away.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Adding a pic to maybe catch someone's eye!
2 years ago
Hello Noelle,

I'm 35 and homesteading in TN. I'm looking for love and a garden friend. I love nature, animals, and creating something from nothing. I have one acre right now but if someone wanted to join me and expand, I would definitely like to do that!

2 years ago
I'm looking for a homesteading partner and potential significant other. I just started on an acre but I want to have at least 10 acres in the next five years. My property is steep but I have built a small cabin and a couple of garden beds so far. I have chickens and a dog. There's a 120 acre nature preserve and large lake within walking distance.

I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to basically camp every day and who enjoys gardening because that's definitely my focus. I also want to start a family within a few years and provide for them through homesteading.

If you're interested, let me know and ask any question you see fit!

2 years ago
Hello Dee,
I'm 35 and a little over 5'11". I'm currently homesteading in TN but I would like to share my passion with another homesteader so I am willing to relocate. I don't think you have mentioned children. Are you interested in starting a family?

I have chickens and a dog. I love to garden and have sold vegetables in the past. I'm not very familiar with fruit farming but I love to learn as well.
2 years ago