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[size=12]Hi, I am in San Francisco and also near Baton Rouge. Will they grow there? I never had one but would love to try one. My dad used to sing the Paw Paw song growing up BTW.
7 months ago
get a moto at Target - use consumer cellular as the carrier (hook up to it at target when you buy the phone). yes, your new smartphone is a phone, computer, camera. disconnect your land line-you will not need it (just an internet line only). the more you use it the more expensive it is. don't make it too complicated.
1 year ago
I have a 640-acre farm for sale in southern Belize that is in the heart of cacao country. It is near Punta Gorda. I was told by the owner of Maya Mountain Cacao country that it would be ideal for cacao cultivation. The nice thing about cacao is that it can be grown among the forest canopy. And this farm is 1/3 rainforest with the ideal canopy for cacao. Due to health and other reasons I need to sell my farm. Please check out my website for info on it: Other things that can be grown there: coconuts, cashews, soursop, carambola, pineapples, mangos, bananas, papayas, bamboo, oranges, grapefruit and the list goes on and on. The farm is very pristine, has electricity, house, 2 tractors and the most incredible artesian spring which forms a tributary to the Moho River.
Thanks for reading
1 year ago
hello. I have been canning jam (and cider) with recycled jars and lids (like store bought spaghetti sauce or other jars). What do you think? Is it safe? I have been doing it for years but I was criticized recently. A seal is a seal, right? If it is sealed it's safe, right? fruit only see-in a hot water bath after the jam is put up in the jars. Mostly blackberry. Any comments? thanks
1 year ago
I really like your farm and your philosophy

I have a great farm for sale in southern Belize. I hate to sell it but my wife and my heart says I have too.

Please write or call with any questions. It is truly pristine. The artesian spring boiling out of the limestone cave rocks make it a gem. It is next to the foothills of the Mayan Mountains in Mayan country. Near Punta Gorda.

Thanks, Lance

I have a farm for sale in southern Belize. Please check out my website. 750,000.00 US

please email me with any questions. thanks Lance M