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Newspaper also works well.
And you can get it for free from the locals if you're willing to go pick it up from them after a few of them pile up that would just end up in the trash anyways.
Hey all!

So this is gonna be year 2 of my mulching adventures.

Now i have a bunch of straw with fresh(ish) cow manure/chicken droppings that I cleaned the barns out with over wintertime

Can I till this into the dirt and then throw fresher straw bale over top for mulch?

I know from experience last year that you need extra nitrogen for straw or else things go south quite fast and with a 90 day growing season that's no good.

Is the nitrogen from the cow manure going to be too much for the soil and burn out my plants?

Thanks all.
1 month ago
Thats what I'm worried about.

I do want the silver layer in front of the carbon layer rather than behind and closer to the mouth.

Looks is no matter of concern. I want it to work.

Because buying decent filters is no longer an option.

Our local city just took all the 9n5 masks and up to save them for emergency personnel. Filters are becoming alarmingly expensive daily.

Like, up 20 dollars for n99 in 1 week kind of expensive.
2 months ago
Hey all.

I need to know the best option.

Silver lined microfiber towels OR highly concentrated colloidal silver soaked cloth & left to air dry.

I need a secondary layer to my DIY activated charcoal layer & microfiber layers for my mask.
2 months ago
Anyone have experience on teaching a bull to ride without the kicking and the freaking out?
Bull will be a year next month.

I dont have a horse so i gotta settle with a bull. 😂
3 months ago
Perfect! Thank you very much everyone!
3 months ago
Yes, I will be building the boiler system myself. I don't currently have one yet but will be building one this summer.
So trying to make sure I get this all figured out properly so I don't blow something up or kill myself by accident.

The set up we currently have is an oil drum that fuels the furnace.

So this will be two separate systems connected to one furnace - one ran from wood and the other just the oil drum that's connected to the furnace.

3 months ago
House is usually 17-19 degrees.
It looks as though it should be wetter than it is. I might have to add some more water.
I fed it yesterday but it doesn't smell as sour as it should and it's not growing and falling like it usually does.
3 months ago