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Being vulnerable and open is so important, if your not going to open your mind, heart and soul then stay in your basement alone!

It amazes me how some people come all the way out to our land just to stay in their own headspace, we are conditioned to alienate ourselves and each other- COMMUNITY is healing, love and sharing!

Yep! So I forgot I had been using the mobile app living off grid that is my computer lol
1 year ago
We are reclaiming a historic farmstead and campground in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Northern California. We started an organic farm last season and are looking to grow to bring food to local farmers markets, learn to live self-sufficient, eco-friendly and learn to give back to the land enabling it to provide a back to basics lifestyle for our newly forming community. We are a WWOOF host farm, we have a public and private campground as well as a general store.

Deep off-grid
No cell service
No trash service
Trees and wilderness surrounding our 100+ acres for 20 miles in every direction.

Pm or email me if this strikes your interest. We are 20's-40's mostly plant based but more into sustainable living than rigid ethics. We consider ourselves aware consumers with a wealth of opportunities to become a self sufficient eco-village. We love cannabis but we do not grow it in any capacity. LEAVE NO TRACE!

In Search of nomadic type people who want to create their own lifestyle not just fit into one. Rugged, perseverance & gumption necessary. Camping with amenities. Up to 20foot vehicles ok.
You provide everything you need to live self-sufficient in the woods- we offer land to farm & community as well as community facilities outdoor kitchen & showers. You provide a focus and determination to help us tear down old infrastructure and build new. We have a saw Mill and are looking to learn timber frame building and endless possibilities for the right people, willing to grow with us. Willing to consider any age as long as you can keep us with us, have little baggage and a clear view of our vision.

1 year ago
Looks great! My feedback while having the various categories to organize the individual posts is great but if I wanted to see say all of the posts in community when I click community it just shows the other categories. So really it can be both. On CR when you click community it shows all the posts under the various categories in community and then if you want to browse one specific category you have that option. Sometimes the specific category isn't as important as the date posted if you are looking for current posts or have a time sensitive need.

Also just a note that WWOOFing is very different than a work trade where that a work trade is defined time for pay or boarding where as a WWOOF host we offer food and boarding as a means for people to obtain experiences not a means for labor. It's more of a cultural exchange and very different than a work trade.
1 year ago
Sorry to hear about that bad apple, but im glad you moving on and hope you find someone kind and worthy- gl
2 years ago
Meaningful Work for Motivated People: Camping in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest~ April 6th-13th

Compensation: At least 4 hours per day of physical labor rehabilitating an old campground in exchange for campsite and meals with some lodging.
Employment Type: Work Trade Camping & Meals for Labor

Are you one of six energetic, self motivated, early risers ready to contribute on a developing farm? Are you able to follow directions while utilizing your creativity while connecting with nature?

You Provide:
-- Clearing old campsites: weed eating, paths, firepits, making dump piles and building fun things like benches and bridges or bring your artistic ideas.
-- Building fences and planters for the garden from reclaimed wood, building a pop-up greenhouse and helping break ground on a new garden. Feeding Chickens, experiencing wilderness living and permaculture farming.
-- Extra Chores: Help in preparing meals and cleaning up after meals.

We provide:
-- Meaningful experience and learning opportunities.
-- A dinner/evening meal and food for breakfast and lunch will be provided each day.
-- Tent camping and access to a community lodge, kitchen & bathroom (flushing toilet & hot shower).
-- Possible longer term work for established relationship with like minded people.

Have your own vehicle and be ready to camp!    
Our property has over 100+ miles of trails used for hiking, biking, splashing & nature watching!

Contact: maniac@gmaildotcom
2 years ago