Vicki Stoegbauer

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since Mar 13, 2018
Solo woman nomad,living in my self- built 2004 International 3200 24 passenger shuttle bus with two dogs.
Retired truckdriver,homesteader,dog groomer.
Buslife podcaster
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I have posted before and gotten good response in the past. I am looking for a small stipend and a place to park my bus while I finish the conversion to tiny house. I have two small dogs that would remain in the bus. I already have a small retirement income  and a small online income. Willing to exchange work for a parking small parking spot and maybe a few dollars for extra work. I am quite skilled at remodeling and I have a large selection of power tools.
I'm planning on staying in Georgia indefinitely. Could make it permanent with the right people.
I have a lifetime(40 years)of animal husbandry and homesteading experience.

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2 years ago
Check out and also follow people that live in their vans. There are some amazingly simple solutions for using the bathroom and showering. Sime people have modified pump sprayers to use as showers. There are also USB camping showers that just draw the water out of a bucket.
I have read  the Oasis greywater book and though it is quite good it too is somewhat complex. I have lived in a minivan for two years and upgraded to a 24 passenger shuttle bus a year ago. I currently use what is referred to as the "bucket system" to bath but am upgrading to a gas on demand water heater ($99 on Amazon) and a goat water trough ($139 on Amazon). The only reason I am upgrading is I have a dog grooming business that I am taking on the road. Otherwise I would still be using dishpans and a bucket for bathing and dishes.
2 years ago
We currently have property in  Oregon. We hadn't planned on moving on to it until next spring but the interest in this thread has spurred us to consider putting our plan in motion a bit earlier than we had planned.
We are full time bus deellers looking to offer an opportunity to other RV'er, van dwellers,nomads,etc.
The income potential is there but not established so all members would have to provide for themselves. But no other investment would be required other than physical labor.
If anyone is interested please contact us. I hope this is not considered hijacking a thread.
2 years ago
We are reviving this post hoping to find a year round situation.
We are 100% self sufficient. We require nothing but a peaceful place to further our interest in building a community type situation.
We have an opportunity to purchase land ourselves but feel there are plenty of perfect opportunities out there that may fit what we envision.
We have all manner of homesteading experience. We are looking for a place to exchange either physical labor or farmsitting/caretaker opportunities.
We would love to assist in gardening and or marketing farm products.
We have small dogs of our own. No children. We have our own income but would be interested in supplementing it with direct marketing of products produced on the homestead. We are casual drinkers and smokers. Our personal lives should not be a factor in this arrangement. We are nice people that treat others with respect and expect that from others.
We also have extensive building experience and tools.
If there is anyone interested in discussing this further please contact us.

Thank you in advance.
2 years ago
Anytime! Let's hope it's good. I threw all kinds of weird stuff in like almond meal,raisin Bran and cacao powder Cleaning out my cabinets😉
I too am at a bit of a weather delay. Hence,the crazy puppy. I'm subscribed and currently binging on your channel while I wait for a loaf of bread to rise.
Excellent start to a great thread!  I have a YouTube channel also but but at the moment I'm really works ng on trying to get Paul's message out there so I'm taking a much needed break from writing my own stuff.
But if you'd like to subscribe it's
I have been at it for about four hours today and I agree there is so much to do but I belong to a community of nomads that is comprised of mostly people not really sure what they want to do with their lives.

I have been floundering myself at what my role in this can be and I listened to your passive income streams podcasts and I listened to you talk about all of the articles you have done over the last 12 years.

Even though I homesteaded  and spent oodles of time fucking off online I can't remember seeing that many of them.
I totally see Josiah's point of how to generate my own income by posting articles etc online and generating traffic to them it seems like reinventing the wheel.

So many young people are hitting the roads with their cameras and their YouTube channel saving to buy some land and start farming/homesteading. Seems like your cost of land would be enough to get people up there. Let's just see how much we can get done.
You have already done the hard work. Now just trying to get it out there. I am working on how to drive more interest in getting people involved in promoting permaculture. And maybe reaching more people is the answer.