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Recent posts by L Hodgson

Hi Donia,

I'm in Maryland. I'm not too close, but closer than a lot of others on the forum. Pennsylvania is a major farming area from what I have heard about some parts so it's senseless to me that your network is unmoved by aspects of permaculture.

2 years ago

David Longenhagen wrote: I could easily see wind supplying the energy to compress the air, allowing about 1.5 gallons of water per hour. That said the heat of compression being usable, and the cooling of releasing compressed air being also usable. I am surprised at the lack of depth on the subject.
However it may be that the technical aspects are not realized? From what I have seen many people are smart but few have refrigeration permits, equating in that knowledge group of heat, latent heat, compressibility, and humidity as a source of water.
In general water from compression is taken to be a “nuisance” VS a usable commodity.

I'm not quite sure some of what you're referring to. Are you talking about having an atmospheric water generator?
2 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:... for instance I see some folks who sell land in the "deserts" of Wyoming who post pictures of the mountains with trees and flowing water. Others give the wrong locations on their Google map links. Some of the folks who sell in Wyoming and Montana have been buying and selling the same pieces of land , over and over again , for many years. They will finance land and then foreclose when payments are not made. Then resell to the next poor person who dreams of owning land but cannot really afford it.

So finding a seller who will answer any and all of your questions is usually a good sign. I usually go to the local county assessor's website and look for the GIS maps. Then verify ownership and location. This also helps give you an idea of value and taxes paid. If you can use the technology that is available on line now a days you can get pretty close to "seeing " what you are buying without seeing it.

One thing you could also do is to ask here at permies if there is anyone in the area that you are interested in, and seeing if they know more about the land. Or even if they would look at it for you.

I have purchased land without seeing it first but I had a really good idea of where it was and what it looked like. It was to good of a deal to pass up and I resold it latter for a small profit. I paid extra for title insurance and passed that along to my buyer.

Where are you looking and who is the seller, if you do not mind me asking?

These are some good suggestions, to collaborate with people and crowdsource info and help using forums like this.

I'll pm you.
2 years ago

Dave Burton wrote:Using BitCoin as a starting point, another push forward to getting to decentralized banking could be ZCash.

I heard about it first from an episode of RadioLab, called The Ceremony, which explored the creation of ZCash.

I'm aware of this one too. It's still a start and the article refers to currencies like this in general. The conclusion is what sticks with me the most.
2 years ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:

L Hodgson wrote:What helped you determine to buy this land with so few factors? Did you have someone go down on your behalf or no?

The price was right. Basically we paid cash with pocket change, so no big deal if it didn't work out. We bought it sight unseen, direct from the owners. No agents, visitors, or realtors involved.

How long have you been doing Lofthouse since then?
2 years ago

Angelika Maier wrote:What is the reason for not looking? Every time you look at something you learn something. Why taking that unnecessary risk?

This would be on the case of being far away from the land.
2 years ago

david james wrote:read the sales document closely

usually there is a clause for final inspection

you can back out of a deal if an inspector that you hire finds something wrong

aka the "deal killer"

to back out of any deal

That's a useful tip. It makes sense.
2 years ago
The following is an excerpt from the Hacker Noon publication:

Bitcoin and other digital coins are at the peak of their hype cycle. The massive surge in their prices has led many to believe that they are on a trajectory towards mass acceptance and playing a vital role in the real economy.

As long as these coins are experiencing net capital inflows few people question their underlying economics and any critical voices are quickly drowned out.

While bitcoin is an important first step towards creating a better system for money and banking it largely copies earlier systems of money and banking and as a result it replicates their inherent flaws.


With modern computing technology we can create a digital exchange system that operates without money. In effect this means that money will become free and that the money supply can be dramatically increased while at the same time inflation will cease to exist.

The technology exists to create this system but Bitcoin and other digital currencies like it are not it.

Decentralized banking is the future but it is not here yet.

Source: https://hackernoon.com/beyond-bitcoin-truly-decentralized-banking-d7793edc7d99
2 years ago
I also hear that miners like disinfo to discourage other miners from getting into it sometimes... Not an outlandish theory.
2 years ago