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No relationships, just a cool couple to build a self-sustainable enclave. No matter what, we want like-minded people here anyways. no intentional community as of yet.  
10 months ago
Looking for that special couple that can take advantage of a unique offer.
We own 36 off grid acres in northern AZ. and would like to have another couple here to share and to help us. In return, the lucky couple gets a place to live, grow their own food, have animals and be happy. You must have an income, have a truck, be around the same age and have your affairs in order. You must be able to take care of yourself financially and physically - independently, no exceptions, please.
We are 50 and 60, ex-military and a teacher, both in great shape and healthy. You need to be the same. We are both educated, and into health, physical activities, arts, music you get it. Peace and love here, so obviously no extremism of any kind and no drama. No drugs or heavy alcohol use, 420 ok. Contact us here if interested. Thank you.
10 months ago

Tracy Ross wrote:I f I was closer this would be exactly what I'm looking for, especially being able to work with someone who is established and willing to help and share knowledge... I'm sorry that no one has taken you up on your offer but I would have been passed excited and completely open to this opportunity.

We have been communicating back and forth and we are trying to decide as to when, how, and the timing of it all. We will be closing on our house on the 14th and then we have to hang around because of family issues until December after that, we will be ready to begin our journey. Yaaaaay! Also, we contacted Wheaton Labs and we also got a response from them and we are looking at all of our options first and assessing all the angles and possibilities. Thank you for your concern and I hope all is well with you!
2 years ago
Hi Marianne,
We are a couple, we just got a contract on our house to sell it. We hope to close on it soon and then look for land to start our own permaculture.
We saw your ad and thought that it could be a great internship of a few years hands-on experience. Are you still looking for a great couple?
Me, Gene, her, Marcelle, me the male, very much a do it yourself type, military background, bachelor's of science degree, who can do about anything and has dabbed in agricultural living before.
I can fix and build anything, a bit electrical, a bit plumbing, a bit concrete, a bit automotive, a bit creative and artistic, a bit advertising, a type of renaissance guy.
Marcelle, very mathematical, master's degree in education, strong and a great cook and loves to be outside and gets along with everyone.
We are fast learners as we are both intelligent and nice people with no drama, children or baggage.
If you are still looking, then let us know.
We just saw a patch of land in Tennesse that attracted our attention. But, we would be open to an internship first.
Thank you
Gene and Marcelle

2 years ago