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Caleb, Thomas, thank you very much for the welcome and your advise.

You point me in the right direction. I will buy the book, looks like a very good reference guide.

I will go through with the idea of ducting hot air - even if it is less efficient than heating a mass - because I will need heat to get quick to the diferent spaces of the house, and then I don't care that much if the house cools down quick too when I leave. But I'll do it considering your points (specially safety) and using the book as a reference.

Caleb, you are right it doesn't gets that cold in Spain after all, but it is because of that that the original house was not designed in a way where a central rocket mass heater could heat the whole house. I will have to have it placed on a small storage room on the side of the house, not being able to heat the house.

That's why, looking for efficient stoves, I ended up at permies reading about RMH and trying to understand how I could use that much heat and efficiency to produce hot air for the whole house, and wasting as little heat as possible through the exhaust.

If that's ok I'll keep posting about the design and advancements, maybe you can help me out as I advance and we can all share the results : )

3 years ago
Hi Permies : )

I plan to use a rocket stove to produce all the heat for my home (an old and ruined stone wall house I've been fixing from the gorund up for the past 12 years)

What I have in mind is to heat water AND, at the same time, clean air to heat the house. Clean air would be pumped through two thick pipes around the barrel and then each would go to one of the two floors in the house, to finally split into smaller pipes that would go to each room of the respective floor.

After reading you all, and googeling a bit, I have a fantastic design in mind (see image attached)... but because I have actually no idea on how to do this :[ it would be great if you could tore it apart, and tell me why it won't work how I should actually do it XD

I am thinking on something like the image attached. If by any chance this design made any sense, then these are some doubts maybe you can also help me with:

- is it better to have air pipes that spiral around the barrel, or just a second barrel with an intake at the bottom and two outakes at the top?
- having no mass, would the exhaust be too hot, thus wasting a lot of energy?
- are there any precalculated optimal dimensions for the rocket stove? (burn tunnel, heat riser, distance between heat riser edge and barrel...etc) I've found some variations and wouldn't know which one to pick
- would you take air pipes to both floors, or woud it suffice taking it to each room on the top floor and then have a connection with the room underneath to let air flow as it cools down?

Thanks for your time guys, If this works out I'll share the results with you

Winter is coming!
3 years ago