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Recent posts by Jimmy Gatt

paul wheaton wrote:

Coin received!  

Permies email address not found on kickstarter.  Name not found on kickstarter.  Not sure what to do here ...

Thank you for your patience. My email address on kickstarter is "kickstarter1@...". The domain name is my name with a .com on the end. I use a different "email address" on every site.
1 year ago

Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote:

Hi Jimmy, thanks for posting here. I found you in the system. It looks like we'll need another $15 from you to cover shipping. You can send us the monies through this link:


Thank you for your diligence, Shawn. I logged into Paypal and believe that I have paid the $15. At least, Permies.com said "We got your payment!" Please let me know if I need to do anything else.
1 year ago
I got a report that my pledge was "weird". I upped my pledge to $100 and yes, I would like all of the goodies attached to it. I'd rather not expose my email address that I used for that site publicly in this forum. Thank you for reaching out and offering to help.

1 year ago
I have one Chickasaw plum tree. I planted it in summer of 2016. The winter of 2017 was miserably warm (for chill-hour-needing plants, not comfort-craving humans) and everything bloomed early. It probably had 300 blooms on it that all dies when the late freeze arrived. I noticed yesterday (Jan, 2018) that it looks like the blossoms are starting to open early again, and that means they will most likely be killed by another late freeze. I wonder if it will do this every year. At least it will feed my bees.
2 years ago
Tree-wise, I am most impressed by black mulberry (morus nigra). Incredibly fast growing, very useful, but don’t take just my word for it. Read this:


Maypop (passiflora incarnata) is native and volunteered rampantly in my space. I left it mainflh because it’s the host plant for the gulf fritillary butterfly, which were fluttering around my garden all summer.

Mayhaw (crataegus spp.) also grow well and are native. I have one tree. It’s not as fast a grower as the mulberry

Pawpaw (asiminia triloba) is what I’m missing to to complete the “trifecta of forgotten country fruits”.

Roselle ‘Thai red’ (hibiscus sabdariffia) grew as an annual, grew fast and very large, and was quite a stunner vistually. The leaves were sour and I know they are eaten as a vegetable in other countries. I did not get harvestable calyxes before first frost, and I think this is because the plants got too much sun. I think this is a decent mulch plant, but it’s very woody. I bought the seeds from Baker Creek.

I grow tomatoes every year (which makes three years by the time of this post) and they’ve been heirlooms and they usually croak by August. I attribute this to mineral deficiency. (That’s what I tell myself.)

Rubus spp. (Blackberry, raspberry, wineberry) grow in my hard without care. Raspberries get promoted to a garden bed (though they tend to grow outside of it as well). I got about a gallon of raspberries at first flush last year. We froze them and ended up turning them into a raspberry tincture (like lemoncello, but raspberries instead of lemons). My neighbor does not appreciate having to kill the Rubus invading her yard underneath the fence.
2 years ago
Chiming in here. I have 1/3 ac in Marietta, Ga, and have been slowly changing it to produce food instead of oak leaves, sweet gum balls, and crab grass. I have 18 fruit trees or shrubs of varying vigor, six raised beds, and three beehives. My primary efforts have been in returning the “loose, well-drained” quality to the soil.
2 years ago