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I now (2018) live in east TN. Plant green crops in first three or four beds for gardening in spring 2019. Dealing with being surrounded with black walnut on 3 sides! Cutting down a lot of trees too. Zone 6B, Ph 7. High P low K.
On the plateau in crab orchard, TN
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I try not to step on mushrooms that I have seen mostly in my walking wood chips lanes between my beds.  They showed up mostly in spring.
4 days ago
Use an axe to cut off 1" + vines going up trees at the base, then turned into a monkey trying to get vines out of trees, only managed to not get them completely out, long vines are hanging out on back 'lawn'.  I have poison ivy trying to climb too, but just with favorite cut off at base with pick-axe.

I got a few vines out of trees but not all, was swinging on the vines (two of them left) pulled down a few. :) slowly clearing weeds (10 ft to a couple inches) to create a 'lawn' under these trees.  Digging up any multi-flora rose, and other things.  These vines are all over, so time I hope to get rid of them.

I'm trying to be careful with the poison ivy, just generally cutting with pick axe low to ground.  Then making sure I don't touch axe, plunge into soil a couple times.
5 days ago
C. Letellier

Posted an utube link that just seemed to glorify NL tractor attachments.
5 days ago
Square foot gardening is an example of how many plants fit in a square foot.  This is a productive tool too to look at.

1 plant per square: Tomatoes, Coles, cilantro, cucumber, kale, okra
2 plants per square: Sweet potato
4 plants per square: head lettuce, garlic, potato, romaine, asparagus pea, corn, Swiss chard, Basil, marigold, parsley
8 plants per square: pole beans, peas
9 plants per square: beets, bush beans, onions, leek, parsnip, spinach, snap peas, turnip
16 plants per square: carrots, radishes, leaf lettuce, green onions

From author Mel Barthomew

We have field mice that love bean and corn? seed.  Question is to buy 50# sacks of cow manure (~$5.50/per) or buy boards to put over seeds planted.
When you pull out a weed to add to operations, and get the whole root out Happy!   when plant snaps off without root or much of one (or a handy mallet/pick axe near by) feel a little bummed and move to next weed.
Weeding is great activity after a rain!
2 weeks ago
One comment fast is add simple column for storage possibilities.  unless all are storage capable?  For example fava do poorly here?
any plan to add Okra?  Tomatoes, Rice, Wheat (hard to process), naked barley  Nice spreadsheet, not sure I'll be growing 100%, but we can set new goals each year.  To reach 100%.

Maybe boost my bean production, dry as a goal for this year, freeze green beans.

I like one guys idea (Jerry?), no real rotation, annual rye grass, peas, beans, corn, peas, annual rye grass in small spot every year;  I set a 25 foot squared to try idea; so guess the annual rye grass has special scrubbing potential?
For starting the project Sepp Hozer? I forget name and lives in Swizterland.  He regreened arid areas.   One idea is to look into hugel beds.  (This can eliminate water for a few? years)  Both topics can be found at this site.
2 weeks ago
Any idea on depth of wood chips for an asparagus bed?   I put maybe 2 inches on and saw and attacked a few weeds.
2 weeks ago
Sorry made a mistake meant concrete blocks NOT cinder blocks.
Interesting, I am using boards now but can expect they will break down in time. But buying a lot of concret blocks is pretty costly too.   Wow then buying piece meal?  I have three 3 foot wide x 24 feet long beds, It would be nice to lay concret blocks maybe three high later.  I would only lay them on top of each other so may need rebar to support from pressure from bed.  Another fun idea one can plant in hole of concret blocks.