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Michael Moreken

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since Jan 06, 2018
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I now (2018) live in east TN. Plant green crops in first three or four beds for gardening in spring 2019. Dealing with being surrounded with black walnut on 3 sides! Cutting down a lot of trees too. Zone 6B, Ph 7. High P low K.
On the plateau in TN
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Sprinkle around my garden beds and into composting.
1 month ago
I saw a the medical surgeon of USA show a folded T-shirt, and two rubber bands.
1 month ago

Kim Goodwin wrote:Can you explain what you are looking for a little more, and maybe why?

Just  a little surprised permies doesn't recognize master gardeners/
1 month ago
3 photos after 0.86 inches of rain over night.  garlic about 13 pants, asparagus bed, over all garden with clover and some weeds!

Looks like they fouled up image posting, only websites now?
1 month ago

Nikki Roche wrote:We had a surprise frost a few days ago. The weatherman predicted a low of 39F, but I woke up to 35 and frost on the ground.
I had a few summer squash that were about 2-3 inches tall and had just started forming true leaves.

The yellow squash completely withered and died. The zucchini (variety - Grey Zucchini) survived with no obvious damage. They're planted in 2 different spots, so it's possible the zucchini were protected some way that I haven't realized. From my view, the squash should have been more protected because they had flowering radishes a few inches away that blocked the wind. The zucchini are all by themselves at the moment.

I'm looking for others experiences and observations. Is zucchini slightly more frost tolerant than squash? Or was it some other factor?

Both are squashes, and warm weather crops.  Maybe wind contributed too?
1 month ago
I am a lot simpler, 3 long beds, 9 areas, all double dug.  Nice and artsy! :)
1 month ago

Sergei Boutenko wrote:Here's a fun weekend project, which you can do while you're at home:

Good guide lines to keep.   I would likely process flowers and roots separately?
1 month ago
Investigate baking power, or baking soda?
1 month ago

Jennifer Lowery wrote:It's about 6 feet from home with 1 foot or so raised concrete floating slab foundation.   4' x 4' raised bed with 4 x 4 posts & 2 x 4 sides.   Wood would be less than 5" diameter.. bunch of branches and I can split the old unused firewood to about 2-3" diameter.

Just concerned about any potential termites.. perhaps the untreated pine/fir raised bed wouldn't last as long if I did this?   Just trying to save on some soil expense as they are 17" raised beds.

Sure, get a tarp for any any grass or whatever in area designated.  Did down at least about 12 inches (soil on tarp),  throw in all the natural wood in new hole.  Then take everything on tarp and cover your new hugelkultur mini

You can walk around home and monitor for any termite tubes going up to your home.
1 month ago

John F Dean wrote:For 2020 I am on my third attempt to start cabbage.  It simply will not sprout.  Yes, I have used different brands of seed.

The Cole family is fussier!