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I'm in PA (ChesCo) I'm thinking tulip poplar. Have you seen it in other seasons?
2 years ago
Try pricing electrical fittings for emt. They have 45s 90s etc. all pre bent with set screws.
Note.. You're looking for the fittings that look like pre bent conduit not the pull elbows with a door/cover for accessing the wires.
Also you could find a cheap used emt hand bender of ebay or such and bend all the conduit you want for the cost  of a few fittings.
2 years ago

James Freyr wrote:I believe you can grow short day onions in a long day environment, they'll just be ready to harvest sooner..

That would be good, I guess I'll plant them and see what happens.

Bryant RedHawk wrote: Another is to check the packet for best growing zone, most onion seeds that will grow in zone 3, 4 or 5 are going to be short day varieties. .


Oddly enough this packet and the one I mailed of both only show the color coded us map with outdoor sowing dates for the whole country.
I'm still confused that this variety name only exists at Walmart how it makes sense to have a specific variety and package just for them..? Strange.

Red Smith wrote:
Or.......Harbor Freight sells a six hp motor for $99.00

Keep in mind these generators commonly have a tapered shaft on the motor specific to generator heads. The motors are usually very difficult to separate from the gen head and if you do then you'll need to modify the tapered hole to accept a pulley or straight shaft motor.
2 years ago
Is there anyway to know if an onion variety is long day or short day iF it doesn't say on the package? Do the days to harvest help indicate which it is?
Excited to get onion seeds started I bought to packets from two big box stores and didn't bother to check the packs cause why would they sell short day varieties in the north right?  I looked them up online and one is in fact a short day so I mailed it of to a friend. The other name doesn't exist anywhere except the big box store website. I don't want to waste seed starting space on an onion that won't bulb.
Burped onion countrywide hybrid 125 days to harvest Spanish type.
Should I chance it, find new seeds or is there away to know.
Another vote for mulch!
Use the largest pieces for paths or biochar.
2 years ago
Close your eyes and think of what cooking means....
Now read this quote from M Pollan and try not to lose all hope in society.
Michael Pollan: Oh yeah, you hear lots about cooking and it has a lot of cultural prestige as an activity but nobody's really doing it. Only 58 percent of meals in America are cooked at home, but if you look at the definition of cooking it's pretty mild. Anything involving assembly of ingredients qualifies as cooking. In other words, making a sandwich is cooking.
2 years ago