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Thanks guys, I'm thinking the contamination is pretty easy to solve, home RO systems are relatively cheap.  The low flow and high drawdown are what are concerning me now.  I'm hearing the whole area is having issues.
4 days ago
Does the UV light turn off automatically when power to the pump is switched off?  I used to do large scale aquatic habitat and we did that so the UV light wouldn't melt it's housing.
4 days ago
Brian I think chlorine treatment would be okay as a one time deal.  I'd make sure to purge it out and get that water off my property.
4 days ago
Interesting info Eliot, the well is 180 ft deep but the land is 75 ft above sea level and about a mile and a half from the bay.  I wonder if that means the saltiness is unavoidable.
4 days ago
Greg, I remember touring the property and finding the well head.  I'm pretty sure it was above grade, I'll double check next time I'm out there.
4 days ago
I got a well report for a property I've been looking at, and 3 things stand out as exceeding the maximum contaminant levels.  I've never dealt with wells or water contamination before so I thought I'd seek the wisdom of the permies hive mind.  Should this stop me from buying an otherwise great property?  What are the options for treating this?  Here's what I've got, thanks in advance:

Iron - .88 mg/L
Conductivity - 934 μS/cm
Total Coliform Present - 1046.2/100ml (non E. coli)

I went and looked up the original well report, it had 1.25 gal/min with 158.8ft drawdown after 2+ hours, full recover in 12 (hours? minutes?)
4 days ago
I use them to permanently attach guitar straps so they don't fall off when I'm playing
1 week ago
I understand the fee is waived for those of us who have already sent coin to join in some festivities there.  If this is true can I get myself and my wife on the waiting list?  I'm strongly considering spending some time as a boot when the lease is up on my apartment in April.
2 weeks ago
I think regular updates about the boot camp would be cool.  What they're working on mostly but also some commentary on life in the bootcamp.

Steve Ontiveros wrote: 1. Are there building codes that must be adhered to when building your dwelling?

Short answer is yes.  Long answer is it depends on the county, the more rural the county the more likely building codes are unenforced or nonexistent.

Steve Ontiveros wrote: 2. In terms of sanitation, am I free to build a septic system/leach field at my discretion?

No, human waste disposal is something almost every county enforces.  I'm sure there are exceptions, but I don't know them specifically.
4 weeks ago