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Joshua Myrvaagnes wrote:I finally get the cold plug thing, but can't you just open the door until the indoor air warms up? am I missing something really obvious?

The tipi is uninsulated so unless the heater has been run, the inside and outside temperatures are essentially the same
I love the way they flop over for belly rubs
1 month ago
Regarding the cold plug in the RMH, has anyone tried wrapping a wire rope or some other conductive material from the barrel to the exhaust?  This would transfer more heat to the exhaust when the system is cold, and you could take it off when it's warmer(as in the next morning when its safe to handle the wire rope) and start putting that heat into your mass.
9 out of 10 acorns,

Overall I enjoyed it as a philosophy book. There is not much I could add to this thread that hasn't already been said.  But I especially enjoyed the chapter Confusion about Food, here is my favorite quote:

Nature as gasped by scientific knowledge is a nature which has been destroyed; it is a ghost possessing a skeleton, but no soul.  Nature as grasped by philosophical knowledge is a theory created out of human speculation, a ghost with a soul, but no structure.

I think I'll have rice and veggies for dinner tonight.
2 months ago
Here's the cheese I've made since then with the same recipe different form.
Here's my entry for making two vegan "dairy" products.  Recipes first then pictures.  I got both recipes from The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook by Skye Michael Conroy which i highly recommend.

Almond Milk:
2 1/2 cup water
2/3 packed cup almond meal
1/6 tsp salt

Put everything in in a blender on high for 2 minutes
Strain everything through a nut bag into a jar
Massage your nut bag vigorously till no more milk comes out

Vegan Mozzarella:

3/4 tsp lactic acid powder or 1 T lemon juice
2/3 cup organic refined coconut oil
1 1/3 cup pure soy milk or almond milk (important that the milk only has 3 ingredients: water, protein and salt)
1/4 cup tapioca flour
4 tsp kappa carrageenan
1 1/4 tsp salt

Melt the coconut oil
Combine milk, tapioca flour, and kappa carrageenan in a saucepan and whisk till smooth
Add salt
Whisk in coconut oil (it won't fully combine)
Heat on medium and stir with a flexible spatula
Continue to stir until the mixture curdles and thickens.  Scrape the sides, eventually it will get shiny and pull away from the pan.
Remove from heat and fold in lemon juice/lactic acid
Pour into a form and let cool.  Put in the fridge for at least 6 hours the remove and wrap in a paper towel.  Chill further for 24 hours.
Thanks guys, I'm thinking the contamination is pretty easy to solve, home RO systems are relatively cheap.  The low flow and high drawdown are what are concerning me now.  I'm hearing the whole area is having issues.
2 months ago
Does the UV light turn off automatically when power to the pump is switched off?  I used to do large scale aquatic habitat and we did that so the UV light wouldn't melt it's housing.
2 months ago
Brian I think chlorine treatment would be okay as a one time deal.  I'd make sure to purge it out and get that water off my property.
2 months ago