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Antonio Scotti wrote:Hi,
I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but could not find any other related to water issues. If anyone know another forum is better please let me know so I'll repost.

So, I live in big city in Spain and our tap water is not very nice, both chlorine and other chemical, non natural substances, are to be found in the water the water agency sends us every day. High levels of chlorine make the taste disgusting, the other substances although in very small quantities (there are apparently over 500 chemical compounds in our water) are probably no good to be drank over a long time, despite the agency saying the contrary.
I was looking for a water filter to put in line but I am not sure which one would do the job. There are carbon filters, ceramic filters and reverse osmosis filters.
Reverse osmosis filters are probably the best with respect to filtering power but they discard a lot of water and leave the water almost like distilled water. On the other hand
other hand all resellers I have consulted say that their filter is the best (on the same price scale) no matter what, so it is not easy to make an informed decision unless one knows a lot on the topic it seems to me.

So does anyone have ideas on what parameters are worth checking in order to choose which filter is more appropriate and sufficient for my situation? Or even if it is actually worth considering having any filter at all (may be just a simple one for removing chlorine)
For sure I don't need any sanitation services done by the filter since the water is already sanitized because of chlorine.
Actually I will need one that removes it. But this is the easy part I guess. The filter has to screen out chemicals such as trialomethanes to say one, which I know are present in the municipal water of the city where I live and may be what remains of heavy metals or other chemical compounds.

If your tap water is so bad, than you really need a good filtrating system in your home... In my case the tap water isn't so awful, however I don't like its taste and I'm also not sure for its safety for the body in general so I started to filtrate it several years ago too
There are really many types of water filters, I was so confused at the beginning too so I recommend you to read this article the first of all , there's a list of the most popular filtering systems and a short description of the each one in it
When I was choosing a filter for my house, I decided that the best ones are definetely RO systems and UV ones, however I've chose the first one because they're more widespread and checked by more people than UV ones )) At the current time I use this Apec model, it's really good and I like the taste of water after it

I can also recommend Homemaster and Ispring models, they're considered as the best ones together with Apec, here's a nice list with some examples of their models )
UV filters are often criticized as the ones which leave water without almost all useful minerals but I think in fact that it's a common thing for almost all filtering systems and besides many minerals can be gotten from food and other drinks so I see no such problem in this
So my opinion is a Ro or an UV one
3 years ago
Well my favourites in this case...

Zeromancer - Ammonite
Ljunblut - Still Can't Say I Love You
Seigmen - Nemesis
IAMX - Dance With Me
BlutEngel - Seelenshcmerz
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing! He reminds me also Deva Premal's music, I adore art of this duet too and their music had a great healing power too!
3 years ago
Very tasty buckwheat soup with mushrooms and dill )
3 years ago
Zeromancer - New Madonna

3 years ago