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Home educating, permaculture homesteading, wife to 1, mother to 11.
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Cut flower time again!  Finally!  

8 months ago
Thanks so much for your input Liv and Emily!  I really REALLY appreciate it.  Emily hearing your experience really gives me something to think about.  I already have a Wordpress blog (Liv) and was thinking of upgrading it to a business account.  I'm wonder if  the Business account with WooCommerce allow for a "shopping" cart.  I would need a shopping cart because we don't just offer veggie boxes.  
8 months ago
Anyone???  Heeeeelllllpppp!!!  :)
8 months ago
If it were me and my space were limited, I wouldn't plant them at all if they were root bound.  If I had plenty of space, I *might* plant them and that's a slim might.  What's the point of planting a root bound tree that will probably never do well.  I would probably plant any of the trees that look half decent right now and leave the rest in the pots over the summer.  In the fall, I would take cuttings from the root bound trees to graft on to other trees or root stock and then get rid of the root bound trees.    
8 months ago
Welcome to Permies, Acadia!  The topic of your book is needful!  
8 months ago
We are considering starting an online farmers market (in addition to our farm stand and one other physical farmers market that we attend). There are several companies that facilitate online farm markets, but I really can’t understand why a person would sign up for any of those services, which are “middle man” services (imo), when you could just create your own store on Wordpress for a lot cheaper. If anyone has any experience with this, am I missing something???
8 months ago
Welcome (back), Yury!  I look forward to reading more about your product.  
9 months ago
I agree with Galen, water availability was first on our list.  But we didn't just want a a high water table for water availability, we also wanted a good creek.  We found a property with a high water table and a year round flowing creek fed by an Artesian well.  

10 months ago
Welcome to Permies, Leigh!
10 months ago
Congratulations, Gene Gapsis, Mandy Launchbury-Rainey, Ralph Kettell, and Lee Gee!  Enjoy your new book! :)
11 months ago