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Good morning, a couple of weeks backs I received in my an email with link to a new announce in permies singles. I liked it and wanting to reply but because I was traveling I decided to post pone it till destination. In this period I went back a couple of times to the announce and didn’t experience any problems. Three days ago I got back home and when I decided to finally write back to the announce the link is not working properly and a warning appears indicating “I don’t have enough privileges to access this announce”. Why is this happening? Anybody else had the same problem?
Thank you for your help
loved your post!
i am on the other side of the globe, but just wanted to
say good luck you crazy sweetie  queen!
2 years ago
hey keith!
i loved your post and everything into it does resonate with me...i dont mind snow (i love it) and i can change a tire by myself...unfortunately i live in europe (greece) and probably out of your age range (ok ok i read that age is just a number!)
i wish you all the best and to find soon what you are looking for,
big hug
2 years ago
hello to everybody
i have been reading this post and other about portugal and like-minded people getting together in neighboring area, it sounds very interesting! at the moment i am based in greece, with the idea of looking for a land for self sustainable living, etc (i am in a friend's property for the summer, in a northern island)...the land over here is fantastic as well as the weather and the sea (as everybody knows!!) but for me it was (and is) very difficult to find like-minded people...i grew quite isolated (even though i have been living in greece for the past 10years) and this is one of the reasons i am still a bit indecisive about it, not to mention the fact that i am a single woman (jack of all trades never the less!) and it is not always that easy to get help around here! i have been also considering  the idea moving to another country (i thought about spain or portugal already), as long as i know i move to an area where other people with same interests are around me i am ok almost with whatever country i choose, because i do believe it is the social network and not the country itself that makes you love one place rather than another...i like the idea of helping each other out, knowing that even if i am living isolated, there is somebody in my neighborhood i can relate to and by the same occasion, knowing that i can be helpful to somebody else it is kind of "healthy living" if i can say so...or also getting together once in a while for a party, for a full moon gathering..i had some similar experience in sicily almost 25 years ago, where an international community lived spread across many valleys and got together as a big family once in a while, and i still remember this experience like one of the happiest of my life.
i got in touch with a friend who lives seasonally in portugal, so maybe i can come to have a look. if this is the case, i hope i can get in touch with some of the people who posted here to understand how the vibe is and what can be purchased as land.
i dont speak Portuguese and i was wondering how difficult it could be to get around and communicate...
as i mentioned earlier, i am a single woman (with two dogs) and i am ok with it, nevertheless i can be interested in friendship or partnership for building up a bigger project
love, light and laughter to all of you
2 years ago
hello joylynn, with ulcers you could try with green clay, it works miracles
headaches...first of all be sure of drinking quite enough of water (many time we develop headaches because we are dehydrated), and i mean water, no teas or herbal teas, plain water, second you can try a poultice made of fresh basil leaves and apply it on forehead and temples (it works with basil essential oil as well) and if you have essential oil of mint yoou can use it too (careful with the eyes)
sometime headaches are linked to hormonal fluctuation too, maybe it might be helpful to monitor the episodes according to your menstrual cycle
hope it will help
2 years ago