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Recent posts by Talasi Caslin

Thank you! I think I'll be paying a visit to my local nursery sometime soon...
5 years ago
Hi, I was wondering what time of year I should plant fruit trees. I live very close to Seattle. I'm sorry, I'm a total newbie to permaculture. Thank you for all the tree suggestions!
5 years ago
Thanks, Tas! I'll try the silica packets because I'm sure I have one somewhere. The seed-bathing source was kinda old and said to put it in w/ a nylon pouch of powdered milk, which was weird. I'd rather use silica, personally!
Today I was out harvesting seed from my garden. This is my first attempt at seed saving, and I read a source that said that I should give the seeds a 'bath' with a mix of bleach or apple cider vinegar with water. Is this necessary? Additionally, should I store seed in the fridge or just the pantry?
Thanks! All help is appreciated
I just went on a roughly 20 minute 'run in joy'. It felt amazing! I'm already fairly in shape, but I also have been having issues with my knees and feet. I really got a workout, but also felt like I was paying more attention to my body. I didn't run barefoot, though. I live in an area that isn't very conducive to bare feet. Maybe next time, though. Thank you, Joseph! Looking forward to my next run.
6 years ago

is that sorrel edible?

Yes, I believe so, although there isn't much literature about this particular kind. I think it's also called sheep sorrel? Does anyone have any experience with it?
Dale, I did have a feeling that my soil was too acidic... Thank you for warning me about compost mixes! Joseph, you're probably right... Seeing as I'm in the PNW, I don't get a lot of light anyway, and I'm guessing my beds aren't in the right spot. I'll try planting some shade plants and see how that goes. Judith, I don't think that the compost was one of those brands, but I'll definitely have to check. I can't wait to read that pdf! Thank you all for your support. Oh, and Tobias- does animal pee work as well? If so, which types? Thanks again!
And, I forgot again. Keith: I did add store-bought compost, because my pile wasn't working yet. Organic, of course. I can't remember what brand... I haven't added any manure yet.
There is greenery (see photo).
Thank you for your help!
Oh! I forgot. In the top photo, you should also see some spinach and cilantro sprouts, and LOTS of red sorrel (debatably my worst weed).
So, I updated my profile. I live in Western WA, but I'm using a raised bed so I believe the soil filling it is the issue... I made sure it's organic, etc, but it just isn't working. At the beginning of the season, I added some compost and dug it in a little. I will (eventually) walk up to my neighbors and ask 'em for some goat manure (they raise goats). I went and bought different tomatoes (the last batch was destroyed by deer shortly after I posted my inquiry), beets, and some other stuff. I was about to buy comfrey, thought it too expensive, came home and did research, and instantly regretted not buying comfrey. Next time! Last year, I covered one bed with leaves for the winter, then I put some chickens in the bed to scratch around and fertilize. I might try that again, but just in case: Does anyone know of a cover crop that does well in Zone 8? Perhaps I'll try that in one bed over the winter... Thank you guys for all the help!