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since May 23, 2019
I am a newbie to all of this. I will soon be getting my own spot to garden in, so I'm soaking up info like a leetle sponge!
Roberts, Montana
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Is all this talk above about white potatoes?  What are the differences in growing sweet potatoes?  Just how much space do they really need?
2 months ago
My husband and I are recent converts to the wonderful world of wool socks!! After moving to Montana, they were a necessity.  I love 'em!!!
6 months ago
I love reading other people's cars. My current fav is, "Montana is full. . . I hear South Dakota is nice."
I have one that simply states, "OMG! WTF?" So many times is this exclaimed while I'm driving!!!
11 months ago
Personally, I think peace is tolerance and acceptance. If you can accept your neighbor's different viewpoint and tolerate being near it, then you won't feel agitation. Thus, peace will prevail. Seems like these days, tolerance is about as common as common sense. :-P
1 year ago