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since Apr 09, 2020
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Recent posts by Tony Grguric

Dear Kate,

thank-you ever so kindly, for your help, and response on my question about the Bokashi composting..

it is much appreciated )

great instagram you have too ))

Kind Regards,
10 months ago
I am in the process of gaining more knowledge on composting elements, amongst many other permie parts..

These threads, indicating a wonderful book on composting, have come at a perfect time for me

Thanks to all, for highlighting it, and thanks to Kate for putting it together
10 months ago
Hi Kate,

Cool book you created there

Just wondering about composting on small -scale on a balcony for example.. mainly kitchen scraps etc..
I have seen that potentially a bokashi style method could be implemented, but is there a more direct and quicker way to organise it, based on simpler easy to obtain materials ?

10 months ago
Hi Lyssa Steponaitis,

Yes I agree...

Starting from the country level, and/or regional levels, then moving towards more detailed permaculture and related organisations (such as natural building)...

such a worldwide connection would be outrageous

In general, I think that with so many organizations around the world, trying to form their own niches here and there, such an occasion is a good time to sort of double-back and re-connect, and take the initiative by saying;
"Hi there... What has everyone been up to in your area for the past number of years?... Look what we created recently... Please share it out with your people..."

Permaculture might not be mainstream... but it has definitely taken off over the past number of years...
unfortunately many still go through the never-ending frustration of not being able to escape into their preferred way of (permaculture-related) living.. so to use such an opportunity to connect the clans, would probably be quite something
even if some or many of them come back with muted or no response... instigating the connection will not be lost
2 years ago
In regards to the question; who to give all those free SKIPs books and/or ebooks to ?

my additional suggestion is as follows;

There are permaculture groups all over the world, and many of them have annual gatherings or annual online summits (eg; EUPC = European Permaculture Convergence ).

In order for you to remain on the path of "World Domination", it might be a good idea to contact EUPC and some other similar organisations or annual gatherings, and donate to them a number of SKIPs books/ebooks, on the condition that they donot resell of course, but instead leave one or two for their own libraries and the remainder should be used as rewards or prizes/give-aways to randomly chosen participants of their programs or annual gatherings as such. The recipients having to be named and general info. sent back to you so that you know someone hasn't simply horded the books for any other purpose.

The above highlights that obviously a certain number could be sent out for all 'permaculture libraries' that may exist within any of the main national and regional permaculture organisations...  and then the remainder goes for individuals...

how many countries are there in the world ?   does every one of them have a permie organisation with a library of sorts ?
are there more larger or regional permie groups within those countries ?   who also have a library of sorts ?
it's starting to feel like "World Domination" to me
2 years ago