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Please have a look at what the soil microbiologist is achieving on an industrial parking lot... in one year;

Some YouTube videos on the same subject by Nature’s Always Right are really good as well.

I do hope these help
2 months ago
This is an excellent little book Steven Biggs is s hobby grower with lots of expertise.
I don’t know your grow zone, but it was obviously cold enough to damage the plant. Biggs is in grow zone 6. I am in 4. Both of us have to protect our plants in winter, generally by bringing them in to cold storage just before frost. My cold room is 5-7°C and dark. The tree will stay there until it starts to break dormancy and there is NO danger of frost. I bring it out into my workshop which has a south facing patio door. The tree will get scant water maybe twice in winter.
I also agree there appears to be some insect damage. Get your magnifying glass out and check underside of leaves. Or may also be some chlorosis.
2 years ago
If it weren't for the clumping kitty litter from three fur balls, we go go with one trash bag per month. Any ideas of how to not put this stuff in the city landfill? I used to have an empty lot next for with a large depression, and it all went in there. I have a brush pile out back that I can throw the litter onto, but it smells cat pee after a bit. Don't have enough soil to cover the litter each time I put it on the brush pile, or I could maybe call it hugelkultur??? I do have wood ashes, and maybe I could top the litter with that???
3 years ago