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Thank you, I will ask them!
2 years ago
Hi everyone!

I am from Hungary/Germany and I am planning on planting hickory trees on my piece of land.
I have searched for seeds on the internet and not only found a bit too few but also pretty pricey. I mean really.

I am not picky, I don't have any special cultivar in my mind, just would like to get some seeds. I thought maybe someone can help me with that, of course I pay for the post and also can pay some reasonable amount of money or anything in exchange if I should.

2 years ago
Nice thread and an amazing place you have!
2 years ago
The answer is really not that simple.
There are lots of herbicides with different structure and characteristics.
We have to see the two things meeting, one is the herbicide, each one degrades basically in different timeframe, and this time varies depending on temperatire humidity, etc. And the second factor is the environment itself, in this case your compost. First of all is it a closed systeme or can it leak? Its known that every chemical or biological compound is maybe faster degraded in the presence of different microorganism families. And as above mentioned temperatiure, moisture, pH of the environment.

So sadly its really not simple, i know pesticides which are broken down in one year or less and there are one which take longer. Theoretically the longer should/would be restricted more. But still there is no general answer sadly. And therefore it stays a risky question to welcome alien material to your ground.
2 years ago
Yeah i agree it is a millipede not a caterpillar.
2 years ago
Excellent question.

I am working on the other side of the story (Heretic!) as i work with Antibiotics and how to use them more carefully etc.

I would say the biological antibiotics can be harmful too of course. I would like to take the problems of antibiotics to three sub-problems, and one is the microbiom (other to is simply pharmacological interactions and side effects and the resistences).
If you treat something that is mostly a bacteria alien for your body or a local citizen going rogue due change in the body, of course the first one is easier because it doesnt belong to you but still i can hardly imagine any compound which kills only on type of bacteria so there is always a change in the microbiom. Always. We are getting to understand the importance of the microbiom and that almost everything is connected to it, so change it and the consequences will be there, we just cannot tell the dimensions yet.

And just regarding to the other to risks: biological, herbal antibiotic compounds have those risks too! Therefore i would suggest absolutely the same caution using them! They can induct harmful interactions and presumably also resistences (however the influence to the antibiotics is unclear.

Ceterum censeo use every kind of antibiotics regerdless of source!

2 years ago
Hi there everyone!

I try to grow maypop. I got seeds from the internet (bad choice but in Europe it's not so easy), one grew. After transplant it stopped really growing but the new leaves are funny. Wrinkled pale small etc.
Maybe it's not maypop? (the seeds looked pretty authentic)
Or is it struggling from some disease?
Or it's okay?
2 years ago
i have found a private seller in germany for reasonable price (though i am in the stratification right now so i cant say if these seeds are good). If you need i can look after contact!
2 years ago
I am looking forward to updates!!!
2 years ago
For grape production you need to prune it anyway. Maybe you can fix horizontal wood frames with bolt and you can fix the bearing vines etc.