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Ryan Oeschger

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since Jun 03, 2017
We are a family of five just starting our adventure on a beautiful piece of land. 
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Hello Permies!

We just moved to N Idaho this year and have a 2020 Jayco 284BHOK for sale now that our winter home is just about complete.  We purchased it in February of this year.  It is a bunkhouse model and still in excellent condition as well as under warranty.  If anyone else is thinking about making a big move right now, this was a huge help for us.  You'll need to prep it for winter depending on where you are moving.  Specs below:

2020 Jayco 284BHOK Asking $35,000
(linked to manufacturer information)
Well cared for and still in excellent condition
Still Under Warranty

Floor Plan/Amenities
1 slide
Tri-Fold Sofa
"U" Shaped Dinette
Bunk House w/ 2 Double Beds
Bottom Bunk flips up to become pass through storage that can be accessed from the back of the RV
King Bed Upgrade
Sliding door for privacy
Separate Entrance too
Large Shower for an RV w/ great counter space in the bathroom
Tons of well thought out storage
Outdoor Kitchen w/ propane grill, sink & mini fridge.

32” LED TV
King Bed
American Tradition Decor
LED Fireplace
Climate Shield (Weather Package)
16” Tires
Prepped for Solar
Sway Bar Hitch
Tank Hoses
Fill Hose

Exterior Length - 34’9”
Exterior Height w/ AC - 12’2”
Exterior Width - 8’0”
Interior Living Height - 7’0”

Tank Capacities
Fresh Water - 75 gal
Gray Primary - 32.5 gal
Gray Secondary - 32.5 gal
Black - 32.5 gal
Propane - 60lb
Water Heater - 6 gal

Let us know if you have any questions!  :)
8 months ago

Kristin Bulpitt wrote:Hoping someone (Petr?) can clarify for me, when looking at the calendar he created:
There are two columns (Gardening Calendar by the Moon Phase and Biodynamic Calendar by the Moon Sign).
I normally use the Stella Natura planting calendar so am used to "root day", "leaf day" etc.
These two columns on the website seem to contradict each other often. Fri Feb 22 for example, Gardening Calendar says to "Sow/Plant: Below ground plants, especially Root plants", however the icon for the Biodynamic Calendar indicates a flower day.
I appreciate anyone's input.
Thank you!

Dre here I am so glad I found this thread! I’ve been studying Astrology pretty intensely lately and my best guess is that Petr’s calendar uses Sidereal Astrology (which takes Precession into account) vs Stella Natura’s use of Tropical Astrology (which does not account for Precession since Babylonian times).

There is a 24 degree difference between the two. Vedic Sidereal is closer to what is actually happening in the sky today.

Now for the kicker, I don’t believe either of them to be truly accurate. True Sidereal also takes the exact sizes of each zodiac constellation into account. Leo and Virgo in the sky are quite large compared to Cancer and Libra. Both Tropical and Vedic Sidereal use an even 30 degrees for each sign to simplify things and this can distort energy readings.

Since I’ve come across this (via Athen Chimenti mostly), I’ve been down quite an illuminating Rabbit hole.

Long story short, one of the many things I would like to do with this knowledge is to create a useful planting calendar from it. This winter will be filled with research for much as the kiddos will allow.

9 months ago
Our family is in a similar situation except that we got onto our land (Northern Idaho) in mid June.  I can tell you that in this short amount of time being here, we have changed our minds at least 6 times as to what and where to build.  We have come full circle at this point with winter looming, and we are going to finish closing in and insulating a wing of a large pole barn that is here.  Our neighbor has been invaluable as a former contractor.  He is helping us organize the project and has given tons of advice.  

Take the time to get to know your land.  Make sure your kiddos get plenty of fun time dotted in too.  We have three small boys and it is hard for them to understand how much "work" needs to be done.  The play and discovery portion is just as valuable.

Good luck!  Get to know your neighbors...we all need each other right now.
Rosa rugosa
Choke cherry
1 year ago
We just purchased 15 acres of which at least 12 are coniferous forest. There is so much life in there. We are excited to find what edibles are already there.
1 year ago
Hello Permies!

We are in escrow on 15 acres!  There is a septic, but we don't intend to use it.  We plan to remove the current old mobile home and convert the pole barn into a home for us with a composting toilet and grey water system.  

The home site is downhill from the current septic.  We are already planning to remove the current sump as it is in a prime garden location.  

There is a foundation with basement already in place uphill from the septic.  We plan to turn this into a greenhouse as it's location is perfect for that.

What should we do with the current septic...besides turning it into a Concrete Dungeon for trespassers?  
1 year ago
A one two punch cocktail for if you get Covid...this is in addition to all other supplementation.

500mg Vit C powder
1oz whisky or vodka
2ml chaga dual extract
1ml elderberry syrup

Dissolve vit c in alcohol and add chaga & elderberry. Shoot it and go to bed.

Not a substitute for high dose vit c & chaga daily.

1 year ago
We are drinking chaga tea and have upped our c & d intake as well. We don’t have a Twitter acct, but I do read @clif_high on Twitter because he is a voracious reader/researcher and on a mission to help people harden their bodies against this.

Otherwise, we have always run food based businesses and keep ourselves stocked on dry goods. Lacto-fermenting, curing meat...etc. just be prepared for anything. The financial/economic ramifications from this are far more dangerous than the virus itself. Harden your immune systems and be prepared for the possibility of a financial global reset.
1 year ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:
Hi Dre. I never knew the Solomon's Knot before! So I looked it up, found some youtube videos on how to do it and tried it. Very interesting crochet stitch!

It’s quite versatile too :) If you’ve ever played the connect the dot game where you can’t go over the same line twice...You can create any geometric pattern you want within that frame of mind.

I make infinity scarves with it mostly, but it also makes a pretty jute lattice.
1 year ago