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Recent posts by Aaron M Armstrong

Know anyone looking for a full-time job in permaculture construction? We're hiring in Seattle!

7 years ago
It looks like the Convergence has planned out 5 tracks to follow through the course of the event:
-Appropriate Technology
-Green & Resilient Neighborhoods
-Sustainable Food
-Wild Spaces

So fun to see it coming together!! Jan Spencer and Pat Rasmussen are putting together the neighborhoods track, so it should be very comprehensive!
7 years ago

Cody Crumrine wrote:I realize it's probably the world's oldest excuse for bad growing practices. Prioritizing "right now" is pretty much the definition of unsustainable isn't it... : )

Beautifully stated. Yes, it's always best to not bring in any resources and not build infrastructure, if you don't *have* to. That said, I understand impatience. Why not take Bryant's advice and start a small raised bed using some of that wood pile as the frame? If bringing in a yard of garden soil and a little garden mulch makes it so that you can weather the time until your soil is ready to work, maybe that's the definition of sustainable for you (But definitely get on that chipper soon. The sooner you cover that ground, the sooner you'll have happy, workable soil.)
7 years ago
I'd love to know, as well. I think she'll be speaking at the NW Convergence in September.
7 years ago
I know Bill Aal is going to be participating in some sort of panel on the decolonization of permaculture. Any other topics that people want to see addressed? Any other gaps that need bridging?
7 years ago

Julia Winter wrote:I'd like to see Paul Wheaton!  Tell him he can stay at my place if he comes (he did that this past January).

Great idea! I'll put him on the list~. I wonder if he's interested? Maybe he'll chime in.
7 years ago
Hi Cody,

So great that you have so much land and so many resources to work with! I am envious of your position.

The first thing I noticed in your pictures was a 95% lack of mulch (a layer to protect the soil). Every time it rains your soil is compacting and being drained of life. This is especially illustrated in your second image of the bare soil net to the dock.

Before I make any recommendations, I want to answer your question: Bad idea. I get your intention of wanting to improve the soil, but disturbing a natural environment to improve a human environment is not a sustainable means of achieving your goal. This is both in terms of this as a general human activity and for you as an individual on your property.

I recommend harvesting, in a sustainable way, a choice few of those many trees that you are blessed to have and then using a wood chipper to cover the soil you would like to improve. You don't need to adulterate the soil in any way before covering. Covering it do a depth of 6 inches is going to give your soil the ability to hold moisture, which will encourage soil communities to activate and improve your soil for you. After spreading this layer of mulch I would wait at least 6-9 months to let the soil communities grow and begin to digest the chip material. You could also order some soluble fungal spore mix to give the process a boost. Paul Stamets' has a product at fungi.com called MycoGrow Soluble, which I like very much. I know there are others out there and perhaps someone else will chime in with another recommendation.

Once the soil communities have had the opportunity to established you can scatter seed a variety of productive soil builders (legumes, carrots, beets, fenugreek, etc).

Again great space! Your gut is right about it feeling "unsustainable", but I applaud your efforts!

With all the energy and passion of Spring,

7 years ago

Julia Winter wrote:Hey, this looks great, and in my hometown!  I will put in a request to not be on call for this weekend.

Great! I hope to see you there. The more minds and bodies we have there, the more we can spread this to our mainstream counterparts. Any amazing permaculture icons that you would like to see at the event?
7 years ago
I have been stung by many a wasp; I know how much it hurts. Have you seen those flying fortresses in Asia/Japan. AMAZING! Thank goodness they aren't aggressive. That said, I'm not a little shocked by this thread. Wasps, bees, flies, and 'yellow jackets' are our partners in whatever it is we're doing. Have you ever seen a yellow jacket eviscerate a cabbage moth caterpillar? Yellow jackets play a vital role, just as we do, in the garden, the economy, and the world. If we can't get along with something that's just doing its job, how are we ever going to get along with each other?
7 years ago
Calling all hands! Have you been to a convergence before? Could the 10th Annual NW Permaculture Convergence be your first??

The Convergence is currently in its planning phase and the Board would love your input! After all, you ARE the convergence, so you should be planning it. The theme for 2017 is Building Bridges: Connecting Diverse Communities and Ideas. In the society we are currently participating in, or at least embedded within, there are so many gaps. We want to begin to bridge those gaps so that the WORLD can begin to experience the concept of a permanent culture: a culture that regenerates its many resources, be they infrastructural, emotional, social, or whatever, rather than constantly operating at 15% efficiency (I know what that feels like). If you care about equality, soil, infrastructure, food or any of the other topics in which people, or other animals, are experiencing gaps, please participate in the 2017 Convergence.

We already have some valuable personalities like Marisha Auerbach and Ridhi Cruz, but the Convergence needs more! Do you know or know of someone who would be a valuable presenter at a Convergence workshop? The Board is currently accepting volunteers and nominations for speakers and skillshare presenters. Are you talented in some area and motivated to make a difference at the convergence, but don't want to get up in front of folks? We need volunteers to plan and execute the Convergence! Please contact me and I will respond with the contact information of your choice so that you can lead this 2017 Northwest Permaculture Convergence. Or just visit the website and start there!


7 years ago