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Anthony Minot

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since Apr 10, 2017
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Hello my name is Tony, I've had an affinity for plants and had a green thumb for as long as I can remember. I also have had a wide array of pets both normal and exotic. Recently though I've delved into the world of mycology on the side growing mostly edible mushrooms and some none edibles to study.
Rockledge, FL
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Recent posts by Anthony Minot

paul wheaton wrote:
We have somebody here now that came with his wife and three kids.  I was pretty skeptical about it - but it seems to be working out rather well.   They all contribute and they are eating their own food.  Usually for a boot we provide food staples.   So they kinda came up with their own plan and it seems to be working out great.

I am mainly a gardener and can grow ANYTHING so I can see myself not only providing food just for my family but everyone else as well (setting up shop baisically) I might come with more than just my family depending on how things are on your end and if it's vaible. I'll email you with more details and see what you think so I don't clog this up. Also thank you for responding so fast I've never met a better group of people than on this site and yourself.
5 years ago

John Saltveit wrote:A lot of people put a plastic bag over their mushroom block to increase humidity.
John S

Lol That is literally what I am currently doing but my apt complex probably wouldn't take too kindly to a bunch of blocks in bags outside my door. That's mainly why I want to find something more aesthetically pleasing to the eye
5 years ago
I just joined this site so I don't know how to specifically word this. So is this a work to live type deal? I pay my amount come out work and live or is there more fees involved? (By the way depending on how this works I'm looking at a forever life in the land)
Also I have a 2 and 3 yr old. Is there a way to get a simple rundown on how this works?
I wonder since both me and my wife slave at 2 jobs each and can barely live out of a somewhat decent apartment and this sounds like heaven in comparison and I believe in a "work your worth" attitude . I don't want to write my life story and I'm wondering on a simple explanation mainly because I don't get much time to look around. I will obviously use any free time to listen and learn more about this opportunity.
Sorry to talk your ear off but (depending) would I be able to over time till we can come there during the gap send money for you guys to get more animals (for everyone of course and depending on the gap some for safe keeping till we get there and make a home) and hold onto equipment.
5 years ago
So I'm wondering what kind of cactus I specifically have here mainly cuz I want to grow it with rat tail surrounding it but I don't know if they would do well next to each other. Thoughts?
Ok makes sense, great info for future planning.
5 years ago
So I love cooking oyster mushrooms but my roomates  freeze the apt thus slowing the growth or just make it dormant. I live in florida (humidity central) and I'm thinking on how I would go about making a small 2ft wide 4ft tall humid greenhouse to put some blocks for growing or if anyone knows where I could get something like this?
Any thought is a great thought.
5 years ago

John Elliott wrote: I have blackberries that come up anywhere and everywhere EXCEPT in the oregano patch.

Would It do to plant on, or around then inwards for the vicinity of the invasion? A fresh layer of soil with mixed in germinated oregano seeds should do good if they are as effective as that I would think. Then at that point it would be just weeding for BB sprouts. Try to see if your neighbor wouldn't mind planting some on thier fence edge as a just in case. (These are just thoughts on what I would do)
5 years ago

Renee Banks wrote:I live in a warm temperate climate, the spot where they are growing is in part shade and is on the fence line.

How deep is the fence? did the roots come from there?and if so from under or next to it?
5 years ago
I can't think of any plant that could outdo it without being as much of a problem in the end (That's just me, someone here might know of one). What I did when me and my mom moved into a house that had this issue in the front yard was to get rid of any leftovers, sift out anything as big as a pinkienail. Then every couple days till for about 2 weeks then let it sit for a week and see if there are any growing. Repeat one more time wether or not there are any growing just in case and then it should be good (repeat if not remember it takes as much persistence as the plant has). Mind you it took forever to find this method and I found out from my grandfather (rest his soul) and it was in 98 so I'm sure there are more practical methods now I just haven't run into this issue since then.
5 years ago
I'm completely new to this site and it's turning out to be a great place to be.
5 years ago