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Krystal Beers

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since Mar 13, 2017
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On a ranch in the mountains of northeastern Washington State.
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Northeastern Washington State
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Recent posts by Krystal Beers

John C Daley wrote:Did you search this site?
Perhaps look at this

I did search the site but didn't see this. Thanks for the link!
Didn't get it started back then, but excavation began this week...finally! The excitement is palpable! I will probably start a new thread to share pics, etc. 😊
After years of planning and dreaming, we are currently excavating for our PSP house. The excitement is palpable!

One thing we can't quite figure is how to incorporate a root cellar. Mike's books/DVDs don't give many specifics, except for a fall out shelter. In which case, if we are understanding it correctly, there is no uphill patio. How then is moisture kept away from the uphill side of the cellar?

Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Hello, my husband and I are making plans to build our Oehler house this year. After reading Mike's books and watching the DVD's over and over for two years, we are super excited!

One thing there isn't much info on is size. So we are reaching out to you with experience. We are thinking around 18 x 24 would be nice since it's just the two of us. We would also like to build on a small root cellar accessible from inside (with a pantry in between as an insulating buffer).

What size is the uphill patio? Larger than the house size, correct? Is it shored also? This isn't exactly clear in the info from Mike. Nor are the dimensions of the Royer Foyer.

And what do you recommend as plant material on the finished roof? We live in the mountains of northeast Washington State.

Anything else you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!

6 years ago
Thank you so much! It is really, really nice to have found a group for support in this endeavor.  

We did purchase the set of Mike's books plus the DVD's and highly recommend it!

I'm sure we'll have more questions along the way, but for now you helped immensely.  

7 years ago

My husband and I learned about Mike Oehler's PSP method last summer and are excited to build our own home. But we have some questions, of course! If anyone can help or point us in the direction we need to go that would be awesome.

Posts/beams: the book says to dry them at least 3 months, can they be used green though? We built our current cabin out of our own milled green lumber the way they did it back in pioneer days.

Shoring: what are the dimensions for the boards used as shoring? Also, what else can be used other than mill ends or wood loads (which are very hard to find!)? Are the shoring boards nailed onto the posts?

Closets: when building in a closet, do you need to add any extra posts?

Floor: is a wood floor, instead of carpet, possible? If so, how?

Uphill patio: what do the dimensions need to be for each terrace in the uphill patio? Are the walls of the house on that side always buried partly or can it be exposed? If one wants part of the patio to be greenhouse, is it best to make is the section next to the house?

Royer Foyer: what are the dimensions of the RF? Has anyone ever used that area as a greenhouse? If so, what did you use for the roofing, etc?

Windows: has anyone in a northern area (we are in the NE corner of WA state) used single pane windows (less expensive)? How did they work for you?

I think that's it for now! We don't have internet at home so replies to posts are slow and only about once per week. Thank you!

Tom & Krystal

Highland Glenn Ranch

7 years ago