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Where has permaculture been all my life? Just now discovering one philosophy that brings together so many of my passions
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I commented over there! I wasn't the first but just wanted to say how much I appreciated the quick lesson. So helpful for me as we look for our future homestead.
3 months ago
I have recently discovered some resources that have helped me with my cooking overall, including with vegetables.

The Lazy Genius podcast episode for meal many gems in her show notes, especially advice for rescuing produce past its prime, as well as the resources below.

The Netflix show Salt Fat Acid Heat. Haven't read the book yet but I have learned to be more intuitive in the kitchen because of that show.

Mark Bittman's cook books generally have very simple recipes with real food and highlighting veggies.

I haven't looked at the Flavor Bible yet but plan to check it out from the library. You could look up a certain vegetable and there would be a list of the spices and foods and ways of cooking it most recommended by chefs.

Good luck with your garden! Mine was on a break this year because of new babies...I am already dreaming of what I want to plant in the spring!
2 years ago
I am not a farmer. And I am on the opposite end of experiences from you: I've grown up in suburbia and am in suburbia now, contemplating a move into the outskirts of town to give this all a go. So I don't have any seasoned wisdom to offer, however I have been neck deep in research and what you've shared reminded me of some things I've been reading. The Independent Farmstead (Dougherty) has been hands-down the best book I've read so far. Two specific things from the book that might be helpful here:

1. The diversifcation advice shared above. This book made me realize how all parts of the homestead are interconnected and can provide cushion for failures in one area, as well as opportunities for bartering with others to help provide for you (and your future family) in a non$$$ way.

2. They emphasized very heavily the need for an in-person support system. Do you have close friends who live life with you, who understand your frustrations, who come to help when it's butchering time, etc? If not it seems like that's a critical next step, whether by being intentional with neighbors or other homesteaders/farmers in local organizations or guilds. Are you part of a local church? However you can grow very close with others it seems like it would pay off down the road.

I am very hesitant to share any of this because it sounds like an 8 year old telling a seasoned veteran what to do and I realize that's not the solution, but I am so sorry you've had such hard experiences and wanted to throw this out there.
3 years ago
Grateful for you sharing! This is what I needed to read today! I have been reading and learning up a storm for the past four months and this spring is my first dip into growing stuff seriously. I am trying to rein myself in and be realistic about my expectations. So helpful to know this ahead of time
3 years ago
Thanks, that is helpful to know I don't have to do it by a wall. I didn't think about the wall being too helpful with heat...very good to keep in mind. Appreciate your help!
3 years ago
I am new here I have been immersing myself in permaculture resources for the past couple months and am learning a lot but still have a long way to go.

I was just gifted an espaliered apple tree. It is about 5.5 feet tall in its bucket; its mature spread is about 25 feet. It already has three sets of trained horizontal branches. I am trying to figure out where to plant this in my suburban yard. I am on about 1/3 acre. On the widest wall of my house that is southeast facing there is no room to plant the tree. On the wall that is southwest facing I could. Is this okay to do? Will it get enough sunlight if it's not facing directly south?

I've included a sunlight path map of my house, arrow is pointing to the southwest wall.

I am open to other suggestions if the wall isn't going to work.

3 years ago
Mike I just used sunseeker myself. I haven't found anything better!
3 years ago