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I've read pros and cons for each but would like some personal opinions if you guys don't mind.

We live in Alabama with temps averaging about 90 during the summer (with lows around 70s to 80s) and temps around 35 a month or two out of the year when it's winter time. Humidity here can be well into 90% on average. And annual rainfall is about 53-57" a year.

We do NOT need a permit where we live. I will be building it myself about 50% of the time with one additional helper a few days a week.
I can spend a solid 8-10 hrs each day building and on the days when I have my helper, it will be the same 8-10 hrs a day for each of us.
Timeline to have it built is 2-3 months.

The house will be no more than 500 sq ft with a fence wall built around it to keep out local wildlife so our future garden will be protected. The site already has power and water that we can tie into the new build. We also have access to free pallets to build furniture and things of that nature. If straw bale is the best option, can we use pallets to build the post and beam frame/roof and use bales as infill?
An earthen floor is also what we're leaning towards throughout the house with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom where we would use a brick/tile on sand method.

Given our needs and our climate, what type of home would you suggest? I have not done a soil test yet to determine if ours would work but if it doesn't, we're leaning towards reject sand for any fill needs.

We have also considered one of those pre-built wood storage buildings and finishing it ourselves to create a liveable space. Thoughts?

If you need more info that I haven't thought to provide, ask away. Thanks in advance!!
3 years ago