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Recent posts by Taylor Cleveland

Hello all! Im not exactly sure where to put this question.
I am putting in 20 elderberry bushes this spring. I am trying to find companion plants that serve as medicinal herbs. I am especially interested in growing rose hips. We have started a small online herbal goods business, mainly selling herbal teas with medicinal mushrooms we grow. We are no expanding into elderberry extracts. I don't want to just go out and conventionally plant 200ft of elderberry. Instead, we are planning on trying to implement permaculture tecniques to this project. I am having a hard time finding medical plants that would make good companions for the elderberry in order to create some diversity. I am planning on using the understory to grow some nettle, lemon balm, mint, etc. Anyone have any good ideas?

1 week ago
Hello! I am new to growing mushrooms. I have purchased some lions mane, turkey tail, and reishi plug spawn and was hoping to inoculate some logs in a few weeks. But now I am reading that they can not be in cold conditions in the first 6 weeks after inoculation. Is this true? Or will they just not grow as fast/stop growing in the winter? Any advice would be great! We don’t have anywhere to keep the logs indoors, although we do have a barn they could go in.
2 months ago

John F Dean wrote:To clarify, how long do you plan on keeping them in it? Are you looking for the size of a paddock with the idea of rotating them or a corral to keep them in?

He would stay with our girls during breeding season for about 2 months. So 10 months he would be in his own pasture. We were going to divide his paddock into multiple ones to rotational graze.
Hello all, We have Icelandic sheep. We are about to start fencing in a pen to keep our breeding ram + His friend. How many square feet do you think would be enough? Size is not a problem, I just don’t want it too big that is will get overgrown. I couldn’t find anything about this online. Thanks!
We have 12 horned Icelandic sheep and 2 donkeys. Usually we buy square bales to feed in the winter. I have been looking at the price of hay this year and round bales are half the price of squares per lb. our neighbor rents and bales a hay field of ours. He will have extra to sell this year and can bring us over a bale whenever he comes and gets one for his cows(we don’t have a tractor)

I’m wondering if it would be smarter to pull apart the bales in chunks to feed in our sheep feeders? Or just drop a round bale in the covered part of our barn yard? I can’t seem to find a good round bale feeder that’s safe for horned sheep, but if any of you have come across one that would be great.
We are setting up two RV campers to use as airbnb housing about 150 feet from our house. We plan to run electric from our own house, but we would like to store water and fill it up with hoses instead of running water lines out there too. But my real question is on grey water draining systems. The campers will be about 10 feet from a pasture we use for grazing sheep(gentle slope downward from the camper site) I was hoping we could do some sort of simple branched drain system to irrigate that field. Any experience or ideas? It would be great for it to be low cost, since other aspects of the project are more costly. also, we are planning on composting toilets, so we will have no sewage to deal with, just grey water. Thanks!
4 months ago
I’m thinking about getting 3 ducks to keep in my garden. We have 16 50ft permenant garden beds as well as some blackberries and raspberries. I will attach a picture of my plan. I have friends who love their ducks in their gardens.

My questions are:
- what vegetables will they eat?
- what type of fence do I need to keep them out of our yard? The garden is fenced in with welded wire farm fence and it is about 3 yards from our house.
- if I made them a run to stay in when tomato season is happening and I don’t want them to eat our tomtoes, how big should their run be?

We have kept chickens for years, so I know a bit about keeping birds.

5 months ago

Artie Scott wrote:Do tell, Taylor!  I was hoping to learn how myself!

So it turns out we would need to rent an auger to wood posts, and steel my neighbor could drill in with his skid steer but we would then have to have them welded- which we don't have a welder. The fiberglass posts are more expensive but cheaper when your not hiring someone to weld.
We are lucky to only be an hr away from Greg Judy's farm. (if you have never heard of him, he is worth checking out. His youtube channel is great!)
He sells fiberglass corner posts that we plan to purchase.

He has also come up with a system of using a tree to help support a single corner post, which will be the big money saver for us. it took our post number down from 35 posts and 20 H braces to 24 posts and 9 H braces

Here is his website: http://greenpasturesfarm.net/fence-posts/

Im also debating back and forth between 1in fiberglass posts I can get locally and these timeless posts. They are what Greg uses and look pretty slick. Im just not sure if they are worth the extra cost.
I actually just found a more economical alternative to this and it’s actually fiberglass. I can get them locally and can drive them myself. Sorry to bother you all!!!
I feel like learning about fencing is equal to learning a new language. So excuse my ignorance as I explain.

We are putting in 5 strand high tensile perimeter fence. We are using fiberglass posts. I know a lot of you don't like electric but we have had a lot of success with it and are confident in our decision. My hangup is corner posts. We are in rocky Missouri bluffs. We also need 13 corners/gates. Im trying to find the best option.

Fiberglass is out of our price range for corners. I was thinking steel or wood. Our neighbor is going to come out with his skid steer and drill holes for us.

So here is my list of questions:

- Does wood or steel require a more shallow hole? We have had issues getting very deep in the past while drilling.
- With steel do we then have to weld rebar into a cross as opposed to a wood "H"? we don't have a welder so that probably answers our questions.
- If I'm starting the fence at a building (and not continuing it on the other side) Do i just need 2 posts and bragging as opposed to 3?

I attached a picture of what were fencing in. Each grey scribble is a gate. It is about 7 acres.

Any clarification or corner posts 101 would are appreciated. Thank you!