Andrew McDonald

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since Feb 01, 2017
Retired US Army, Infantry
North Western North Carolina mountains
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Beautiful. Peaceful. Lovely.
8 months ago
If you have the time and the means, trvel to Burnsville, NC, and visit Mountain Gardens for inspiration in growing medicinal plants, link follows-
11 months ago
So I took the plunge today... and released to boar and sow to wander and root where they please. Will be getting clover seed and sprinkle my own hay on the top thinking therre is plenty of viable seed in that hay that will germinate just fine as well as keeping everything moist and protected. Ill take a "before" pic and update as time passes thic coming growing season.
1 year ago
My American Guinea Hogs (AGH) had piglets, and those piglets are now 6 months old and uncontainable in my electric pig paddocks which are periodically rotated. Its my own fault and I think I know why, I believe I inadvertantly trained them to do this when they were still tiny, but thats not why Im posting.

So Im watching my flerd wander around the pasture from my back porch, its been a lovely day and a welcome break from the cold and wet, a balmy 50 odd degrees and sunny. The pasture is about 3 or 4 acres big, south facing hillside with a big lateral swale halfway up. My two Jerseys seem to lead the way closely followed by a donkey, then five Shetland sheep and then the four AGH piglet escape artists with periodic visits from opportunistic Guinea Fowl and chickens. An idyllic Old McDonald parade to be sure. And I should say that at this juncture this is a daily routine of the flerd. The AGHs have found the wet spots and focus their ploughing there. I would be tempted to say that the buggers are ploughing up perfectly good lush pasture, but a thought lightbulb went off in my head... What if I planted into the roughly ploughed up sod? What if I just followed their lead and sprinkled seeds into the wake of their destruction? Seeds of plants that enjoyed wet spots, like oats, or maybe Cattails? Or maybe clover and orchard grass seed? And now on to my question for anyone who has stayed with me because they are bored and have nothing else going on right this minute.

THE QUESTION...has anyone heard of planting into pig ploughing devastation with grains, or pasture grass seeds, or maybe root crops? And if so how did it work out?
1 year ago
Pail, new on Permies. How do I get my hands on some Sepp Holzer Einkorn? In process of buying a small farm up in NW North Carolina, around 2600 feet, and very anxious to become self sufficient in grains as soon as possible.
3 years ago