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since Dec 17, 2016
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Recent posts by Josh Kunkel

Military surplus desert clothes work well for me in Texas, especially pants. I will buy any nations surplus clothing except USA because I haven't served in the military.

Desert clothing made for military use is tough, light, and designed for high temp environments. There are a lot of overpriced sellers out there. A little effort with a search engine can find great deals online. A good local surplus store can be great resource.

4 years ago
Just our experience- we have 23 Nigerian dwarf goats along with 24 chickens, 174 goslings and 17 head of cattle on 50 acres in Texas. Our goats will happily browse our 4-5 acres of woods, but will also spend days on pasture even with free access to the woods. We find our Nigerian dwarf goats to be very adaptable, they do not necessarily always prefer to browse, they will graze also.
4 years ago
If Argentina is still an option I highly recommend visiting Chacra Millalen in El Bolson. Here is a great write up on it:

It's been 20 years since I was there, at that time it was one of the best places on Earth.
For a while I used a company in Texas for my address instead of 'moving' legally to a sublet apartment in Austin. Escapees is designed for people who live in RV's, I was able to get a driver license, use it for my address for my employment, and everything else a usual address allows. They have a reasonable cost mail forwarding service that can be configured to send to you anytime, anywhere depending on your needs. When I went there and set it up they claimed that their ability to stand as legal residence for members was challenged in court and Escapees won.
If I remember South Dakota has a similar setup and maybe other states. Texas and a few other states have no income tax.
4 years ago
Hey, thanks for a great thread!

Leila Rich wrote:
Johnny Cash. Makes me cry every time I hear it

Was the Jonny Cash song 'Hurt'? (your link is to a now deleted account). Trent Reznor had serious reservations when he heard Cash wanted to cover Hurt, but gave his blessing after seeing this video by Cash:

And while not a song, I'm adding this Revisionist History podcast (Title: King of Tears) as I thought if someone likes sad songs they may find the podcast worth a listen.

5 years ago
I use copper washers and old pennies (newer pennies seem to have lower quality metal) to label trees, I hang the label with bare copper electric wire. I use a 3 alpha code, but with larger washers you could stamp out longer written names.

Blog showing my system here if you ate interested:

If you go with pennies the labels are 1¢ each, hard to find a cheaper method. And the washers are reasonably priced if you need more room to write. The metal punches will last generations on copper.
5 years ago
I see incredible value here for what you are asking. The forum threads from the last 1.5 years prepare any potential buyer with more details than any conventional real estate listing could ever hope to.

So no bids? OK, I'm gonna pitch an alternative strategy but I'll need help.

The assumptive punch list:
• you guys are in a place in your life where you are ready to make a move. that's cool, I have no interest in asking the age old "soooo... Why are you selling?" Question, it doesn't matter to me.
• You need the money to facilitate this next move. I get that.

The non-assumptive punch list:
• You will both continue to be awesome. I have no question that this is the case.
• you have done a staggering amount of impressive work with very low capitalization and shared the journey, I can't thank you enough for that.
• Realizing I don't have $800 to open the bidding, nor do I have the time to go to the Lab if I did, I slept on this situation with the specific question: "Hey Josh, what can you spend $100 on at your farm that could do more good for the world than what these two have proved they can do?" I woke up satisfied that there wasn't anything I could think of to answer that question.

So the pitch:
• I will commit $100 to you.
• I ask only that you document your future adventures in a way similar to what you have done here. I do not require this documentation. You choose the platform and regularity that you post, or if you post at all.
•You maintain the control of the improvements at the lab, and keep any money or barter you get from managing those improvements. This offer stands and will be honored even if you get bids over $800 for the improvements, no strings attached. I'll support you with my pledge even if you find a buyer.
• Just to be clear - this is a one way commitment, I'll paypal it ASAP if you want.
•I said above I'd need help. If anyone else feels the same and can in any way join in please do. Either commit here or Purple Moosage these guys directly, or ask them for direct email, etc. Please consider doing what you can. $1/$5/$20 (and up) can really stack up and make a difference to two proven leaders who have shown what can be done with grit and commitment.

When I was taking a course with Sepp Holzer in Montana he taught us to smack the logs really hard with a stout stick (club) when they just start to fruit. The shock is supposed to somehow cause a vigorous flush of growth, but I didn't understand the explanation when Holzer's  translator told us why this happens.

Would you consider trying this log smacking method with one log and letting me know if it worked for you? My farm is in Central Texas, I haven't tried mushrooms yet.
5 years ago
I really appreciate your enthusiastic dialogue, thank you.

It helps to have the google goggles (things as viewed by google) considered in the discussion.

At this time I feel it makes the most sense to move this energy to Tinkering. An effort to steer and encourage those who could benefit would give the effort some momentum. Intervention of topics drifting off course because of formatting questions could direct to Tinkering with proactive effort to offer help in the form of discourse there.

In the current setup of the site the Tinkering section is the closest I see to serving the needs I addressed in the original post. I'm in agreement that it is the best place if there is a perceived need to keep the sections to a limited number.
Some considerations:
-I haven't consistently seen posts in the general forums with posting questions be directed to tinkering, the questions are addressed in those threads.
-Tinkering has a lot of sitewide suggestions, it may feel intimidating to some to address their personal posting questions there.
-People who would benefit from Test Section posts would find one place to peruse previous interactions without searching through the higher level Tinkering posts.
-A dedicated Test Section would 'leave an open door' encouraging the opportunity of playing with post formatting without pushing in on the perceived serious business of site Tinkering.
-My ideal vision of the Test Section is a fun place where some cool learning by trial and error can happen assisted by the helpful folks here.