Francois Moutou

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since Jun 05, 2018
I work in video production, but for the last ten years, I have been doing lots of research on everything related to self-sufficient living including food, energy, shelters.

I am now starting to put all of this in practice with a company I created called 'illucens'.

I also start considering buying some land in the South Werstern part of FRance in order to start a homestead.
Paris, France
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this is a great geodesic build you got there! The volume is very interesting and I cannot wait to hear more about the non-pellet feeder that goes on for 3-5 days
2 months ago
Hello and welcome to the forum/ Looking forward to finding out more about the potential of medicinal plants in the forst garden
7 months ago
Hi there and thanks for hsotins this Q&A session.

The soil in the region I plan to build on is all clay and it's not flat, so it has a potential to 'move'.
Do you see any way it could impact the building of an earthbag earthship?
2 years ago