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Jeremy Butler wrote:While I have no experience buying land, I read this a while ago and thought it could be a pretty good way to go about doing it.

I know Neil Shelton ( the author of the linked article) he usually has some good deals at   Good man to deal with.
7 years ago
Go north young man. Alaska is the place to be.    

I found 360 acre of agricultural land for $15,400 some 15 years ago. I just had to clear 16 acres, submit a farm plan and build a house.  That may have been the last one of that size for that price in country, but there are others. I bought it with my brother. Unfortunately we had to sell when my sister in-law got cancer and my brother could no longer pay for her health-care.


Check the State of Alaska Natural Resources page. The neighbor made his living growing potato's on 640 acres that he got for nothing back in the 80s. The old guy just had to hire a young kid about 26 or so. The hire on then took over for him. He wanted to retire being in his 70's now. There are still lots of opportunities up here for young folk that can work hard.

IMO the Northwest is full and for that reason land is crazy, spendy.  You might want to think about expanding your view. I know Idaho also has some affordable land.

I'm heading back to Maine myself. Got about 65 acres on a little lake back there. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for Alaska winters anymore. However, I came up here when I was in my early 20's and I have had a life time full of adventures. It's still wild and free........ sort a. Not like it was back in the 70's and 80s, but a man can still get lost up here and walk for months never ever to see another soul.

Good luck I hope you find your place.
7 years ago
Check Out Maine. Hit's the list. Affordable, remote, good water, plenty of room.  Even has ocean, lakes and rivers.
7 years ago
Spruce Grouse is best served hot in cast.     We don't cook in anything else. Even the wife's soup pot is cast iron.  None of the None-Stick nasty coating stuff for us. Our is naturally none-stick even fried eggs slide right out when your pans are kept in good shape.

Rule Number 1;  No SOAP ever.

Rule Number two; See Rule number 1

Wipe it clean and........... Bob's Your Uncle.

7 years ago
Thanks for the thoughts, Jeremy.

These are things I am thinking about. I'm still working on the details and look forward to hearing any and all ideas about how to organize such an endeavor.

7 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:If you intend to have a community, I recommend you read Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian, which examines how some intentional communities succeed and why most fail.  

I'll do that. Thank you

I have no idea if this will work, I may just be delusional. I am a firm believer in the fact that no good deed goes unpunished.    

However we are getting to old to do interior winters for much longer.

7 years ago
How would you like this for a sunset?

7 years ago
I've lived with both and find like everything practice makes perfect. We have a cook stove that burns wood/coal and gas.  They used to make them about the turn of the last century so you will have to look for an antique.  I know Bee Bryant's Stove works in (Unity), Maine (?)   Still carries a variety.   Granted living in Alaska I never see 95°, but still..... I'd never live in a house without a cook stove.

YOU can't run out into the woods and cut down a Propane tree to cook your dinner.
7 years ago
Going to the Fishing grounds
7 years ago
Getting ready to eat some smoked Salmon
7 years ago