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I have tried everything.  Borax,  vinegar,  alcohol,  baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, various soaps and detergents. (Soap is chemically-different than detergent)  The only thing that has worked is non-scented fabric softener, and only to a certain extent.
3 months ago
I use ethanol (grain alcohol like Mohawk or Everclear) when needed for my laundry. It dissolves certain stains such as ink pen. I've never had luck using it to get rid of perfume,  though.
3 months ago
LOVE this thread. I am looking to move into the mountains in the southwest and build my retirement semi-natural home (I am no dogmatist, hence 'semi-natural').

I lived in Texas with weather extremes, without electricity and without heating and cooling, for four years after becoming disabled. I was preyed on financially by mortgage companies and insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and was dirt-poor despite having been a scientist and computer engineer.  It was all stolen from me.  I understand alternative heating and cooling in a more intimate way than most.

One issue is I have is seasonality.  My needs in the summer will be very different than in the winter.  Here are two ideas I had that I have never seen discussed elsewhere. I want high ceilings in the summer and low ceilings in the winter.  I have thought about constructing some type of temporary loft over my living room with panels that could be easily removed or swung upwards and secured during the summer.  The loft could be used for sleeping areas for my grand kids or for temporary storage.

The other idea I had is the refrigerator. Why not have some type of panel behind the fridge that could be opened to the outside to create a cool-area for the fridge in the winter? With an area for cool-storage of fruits and vegetables? I can see lots of issues, like avoiding freezing,  but it is something I would like to consider more.  I don't like the idea of a cellar so much.  Not convenient and I am old and don't like stairs.  Also, we had a cellar when I was a kid and had so many problems with it leaking and flooding when it rained.  What a nightmare.  

I have thought a lot about the business end.  Coops, intentional villages, creative mortgages, etc.  I leave that to others to pursue as it really IS NOT my cup of tea.  And I hope they do pursue it, and soon.  Seems like we FINALLY have enough societal momentum to do so.  I have waited for this day for many years.
Thanks for the discussion, Tim.
6 months ago
In the Philippines they use vinegar to preserve meat. They cook the meat in vinegar. They don’t can it though, so I can’t speak to long-term storage in cans.
1 year ago

Joy Oasis wrote:

Forest Viridiana wrote:I have a genetic immune system disorder and I have found camphor and eucalyptus to be the best herbal antibiotics out there.

So How would you use them? Steeped in oil, tincture, or in some other way?

Joy, either way would work. Just be sure to use it only externally and avoid open skin wounds and mucus membranes and eyes.  It absorbs readily into the bloodstream. Rub the prepared oil or tincture near wherever the problem is. If it’s an abscess, rub it into the skin surrounding the area of the abscess. If it’s a sore throat, rub it on your throat. DON’T do the Facebook thing and rub it on your feet! Feet have tough skin to prevent stuff from soaking into the bloodstream, and the you want it in close proximity to the infection!
2 years ago
Thanks everyone for the shoe sole suggestions. Lots of ideas to check out now.
2 years ago
Awesome boots! I have been trying to make my own shoes for several years but have been stuck on the issue of shoe soles. They usually cost double what it would take to buy a new pair of shoes or boots outright. I can’t afford that. I have decided to make some sandals and mosquito slippers using leather for soles. I have thought about wood but I am not a wood-worker. Cork sounds good but I haven’t located a supplier. We have a new Tandy Leather shop in town and they are great! Any suggestions appreciated.
2 years ago