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Kind offer Ted. Do you have any pictures to share?

Thank you for the time.
2 months ago
Nice berries. Those same looking Black Raspberries grow here too.

You can dig up some with roots and plant at your place. They spread real quick and re-grow rather quick. Unless the patch is really tiny you can do this and not 'harm' the wild plant, you'd actually be propagating it.
2 months ago
drought? Are they yellowing as well? Could be some critters that only come out at night and then leaf.
2 months ago
Whats up Gene.    How has it been for you and your partner thus far??    How far off from a 'Bigger' City are you?    Just curious as I am a Teacher as well of the job oppurtuinties.

What kind of 'help' are you looking for? home building? Earthworks? GArdening? TRee planting?  

DO you have any pictures of your place?

How is your Water supply/quality?

We are a bit younger than what you seek (in our early 30s) but it woud be nice to know for other potential people.

Good Luck.
2 months ago
Greetings Henry,

Thank you for the BIG pictures of WildLife. Looks like a strong presence of critters! Nice that you have your own as well. I have heard of Chickens, attacking and eating Snakes...have yyou observed this?

Where do you plan to TRavel. Have you been to Ecuador?

 Interesting. You are building a Sweat Lodge?  
-how do you plan to use it?
-are you Native American(what tribe if so)


Wow.10 Pounds of FREE ICE. How many times have you picked up ice?
=Is there a limit?
-How do you use the Ice?

2 months ago
Good DAY!! Please send me a LINK.

thank fro th ekickback.
2 months ago
That does sound like a lot. If you want to keep all of them maybe try using a Scythe...probably cheaper than a trimmer and allows you more precision in trimming. Although it may take much longer, you brak up the work into 2-3 hours increments for a month or so. The best time to Scythe is daybreak til about 2-3 hours after at. So about sunrise to 9am or so.

Although if they are too close to get a nice swing than it may be tough. All you really need is a meter (3feet or so) although 6 is ideal...but then your mower would probably fit.

How close are they apart?
Yea that photo is nice catch of the moment.

I like your idea of a bit of mystery and getting to know the person first although you would eventually see the other and vice-versa.

EIther way beautiful cabin and nice forest.

3 months ago
Yup nice view! Interesting offer.
3 months ago
Very cool, kind, and compassionate of you to offer your place and support. I will be keeping my eye on this.

Please update with pictures and 'happenings' around your place. Even if it as simple as 'the snow is gone'.. hope you never grow old!
5 months ago