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Clean High Efficiency wood burning heater

That has it all in there.
2 months ago

Adam Klaus wrote:Although Paul isnt a huge fan, do make sure to read Joseph Jenkins' Humanure Handbook.  He will explain why any extra water in your humanure compost will be hugely problematic.  This is why we divert urine from composting toilets, it is the water.  Having used a composting toilet year round for five years, I really do not think that even a small amount of water from a bidet would be viable for your compost.

Using a urine diverter, that would work.  The bidet water would dilute your urine, and you could then use that as is on non-edible plants.  So long as freezing isn't a big concern, this should work great.

I use a portable bidet that is around a quart or less in size. You are suppose to use water to help with the composting process otherwise the little structure for keeping your straw or peat moss dry would extend over the compost sides. Instead, it is open so that rain can go through it. The only difference is with this adding water you will have to extend the cover in the center to all the structure and let the small amount of water you use each time take the place of rain. Common Sense here OK? Oh, Save that urine separately. It is liquid gold they say. Dilute it with water to water your plants as it is said to be loaded with Nitrogen. Suppose to make your plants grow faster and stronger and healthier? That was what I read anyway. Haven't done it myself yet.
1 year ago

paul homestead wrote:I don't want this to sound like spam, but I happen to run the Ozark-Homestead list on yahoo.  We've been talking a lot about permaculture the last few days too.   The list is a good place to ask about particular parts of the Ozarks, and to start getting to know people from the area.   If anybody has any specific questions, I'll try to answere them.

You know I hit that link above and it is not there anymore, So Paul, do you still have it $100 for a acre? and is it in forested lands still? And is there plenty of Rain and water there? Do you have anything against people with high religious beliefs and morals living there? Reason I was asking is I have a ton of ideas and I want to try as many as you will let me? I like Geodesic Dome Homes and Green houses. I like Earth Bag homes and I like cord wood homes and I Love underground homes. I like Earthship style homes also. I have researched many and Well I am somewhat disabled and honestly I do not know how long I have to live as I am soon turning 61. I figure if you still have that excavator on you property there I could use that and keep from having a heart attack. I have to have a mailing address where ever I go so do you have that there? IN the US Navy I was a aviation's electronics tech. and I worked 8 years as a furniture repair tech for Levitz Furniture. My grandad and dad where both mechanics so I had to learn that also. I have owned my own businesses in House Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and a Janitorial Business in the past. I can do just about whatever I set my mind too. I even made my wife's and my weeding rings with the lost wax process. My disability is my only draw back but I figure start small and work up on the home front and mainly grow organically. I have ideas on Vertical Wind Generator that is state of the art ideas. Do you get good winds there. I also know some on other things. IN school I was first in county and second in state of Texas in a Scholastic Art Contest. To me is was more like doodling but my teacher made me finish my doodle and it won those awards. I also play the guitar somewhat. I don't have much of a good ear for music but I am good with musical patterns to make it sound like I do. I mostly play for myself. I need to know exactly where your place is so I can see if there is a store and post office near by and etc.? I know about the Humanure Toilet system and I know about Hempcrete. Are you allowed to grow Industrial Hemp on that land or in that state for that matter? I needed it to experiment with making Hemp Plastics also as well as Hempcrete for building with. I need the fiber and the hurd of the plant for those things. I need the seeds for protein and I need the seeds for essential oils such as Omega 3 & 6 which Hemp seeds provide in abundance.  I do not get high or do drugs. I do have MS which I think if I can grow organic foods and such, that may take it away from me. I usually keep pretty much to myself but I like to have company ever so often. Am I suitable to live on your property for that $100 a acre thing? Is it going to be an issue if I use some of the trees there to build my underground home with? I saw a bunch of trees. And do you have a acre with a north facing slope or south facing slope and water to the property? Water is my largest concern of all the necessities I need. I also need wind and naturally sunshine to take care of my electrical power needs for the underground home. I will be growing on the roof of my house also. I studied all kinds of techniques of alternative construction but I never got the land to do them on. So if I pay $500 can I get 5 acres and will it be mine or still yours. What also really kind of has me worried is you said to one person on one of the forums that if he wants to leave he can and if he wants to stay he can. Can we leave and come back like for shopping for things we need at the stores or are we suppose to stay there permanently and once we leave the property we lose the acre or how does this work? Oh you told him you also can ask him to leave if you want. That is what had me the most worried about doing this there? I don't want to settle in then after I built the place up all nice and cozy to live in be told I have to leave? Is that land going to be in my name or yours is what is kind of bothering me. I mean I want to do this but I don't want it taken away from me if I build it and I don't mind helping others to build theirs also but, I have one priority that comes first in my life and that is my service to my God and his Son. I need to know where it is at, first and foremost so that I can make my religious meetings. I need to see if they are local to you or do I have to drive 30 miles 5 days a week to do that or not? So I need a legit address to type in to see the closest place to meet with my spiritual brothers and sisters there?
2 years ago