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My name is Cass (Cassidy), I'm a 27yo male who was named after the infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy. I've lived my entire life in the Province of Saskatchewan in the heart of the Canadian prairies. I spent my childhood living between the city, the lake and the family farm.
I run my own small landscaping company and I try to integrate permaculture into as many jobs as I can without freaking the sheeple out. I enjoy what I do but I require a community of like minded people.
Nature and the outdoors is where I get my passion for life. I've been on a homesteading/re-wilding journey since my early twenties. I've built two off-grid dwellings in the countryside, each project has come with its own challenges but I've never stopped learning.
I'm looking to dive even deeper into permaculture and sustainable living. With the state of the world these days I see no other path more important. I plan to build another homestead in the future and hopefully find a companion along the way!
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada (Zone 3)
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I'm looking to install a crater garden for a client. I'm looking for established, nice looking crater garden pics to send to them as examples!! If anyone has any they can post here, it'd be greatly appreciated.

7 months ago
My journey continues!

Its been about a month since stay at Wheaton Labs. I didn't leave alone. While living in the community I unexpectedly fell in love with a Boot. Taylor and I have been inseparable since our first couple weeks at the farm. We traveled together back to my home town in Saskatoon and we have been busy with our latest project, which we work on at my fathers farm.

Let me backtrack a bit.. Back in Montana we brainstormed and discussed at length how we were going to pull off a permaculture inspired life together while being from different countries. Taylor's brother Zach decided to go home back East to be with family and to help them integrate permaculture into their lives. We decided to go West. But first we would travel North back to my home where we tentatively planned to convert an old van into a camper. We decided on this in order to facilitate a more nomadic lifestyle while we figure out where we want to live and how to pull this off.

We hit the ground running as soon as we got to Canada, as Taylor is only permitted in Canada for 2 months. If all the paper work we have submitted to immigration get processed smoothly we will have more time in Canada and travel west. If not then we will have the flexibility to head South to the States.

The van build has been nothing short of interesting. This old van has required much love and attention to getting it running well. My mechanic skills have vastly improved over the last month. We have made health our #1 priority and in doing so we are renovating the van using non-toxic material options. We are keeping it safe and light for long-distance travel while still making it comfortable. Over the next couple of weeks the van build should be wrapping up.

During my time spent at Wheaton Labs I was fortunate enough to meet others who had or have struggled with Lyme disease. Since my departure I have taken much of their advice and each day my health improves. My #1 priority in my life has now become my health and I'm very appreciative of all who have helped me get here.

I could go on forever, however all I can say is that Taylor and I are doing well. We have lots to share and have started a blog. On there we will be posting about our adventures and our permaculture projects. Feedback is always welcome!

Keep growing

Your heart sings for the world you envision
Long time no post! Much has happened since I last posted. On Friday afternoon I took the boots off of Fred’s hands and we worked on the pavilion, it was slow going but progress was made!

Taylor and I decided to start camping at the lab so that we could make some observations of the land.. my specialty! I’m helping her pick a plot and it’s been an exciting process. I think we got one figured out for her!

So lifted brother! Thanks for sharing your heart with us it’s really appreciated
It’s been a busy week for me at Wheaton Labs! Work on the FPH is well underway and yesterday I took Taylor to Missoula to celebrate her 21st birthday!
In search of Saskatoon berries we explored some of Montana today! 🤠
Finally feeling settled at Wheaton labs! Took me a couple days after all the driving and socializing I did the last week or so. Very happy to be back in the community!
Thanks Greg we are doing well!! Miss you a bunch!
Hey fellow permies! It’s been a while and I’ve been on quite the adventure!! Once the PDC and ATC wrapped up I got busy making some plans to travel home to Canada for a week. I decided that it was time to visit an established  food forest that I helped with up in northern Saskatchewan’s boreal forest region back several years ago. This place was my first real taste of permaculture back then and I found myself being called back for a visit. Not only did I join some of my best friends up there, but Taylor from the boot camp joined me in my travels back home. It was really exciting to bring a New Yorker with me who had never even been to Canada before! She was a trooper and we made many wonderful memories together!

We left Wheaton labs Monday July 14th and drove straight to my fathers farm just south of Saskatoon. The Prairies are stunning this time of year with all the greenery and blue skies. We stayed at the family farm for a couple days in my shipping container home as we got ready to head north into the boreal forest. Did I mention that the food forest is located at the Ness Creek Music Festival site? And that we would be visiting during the music festival?! Wow was it a fun time! So much to do and see during those three days up north. We made sure to tell the people of Saskatchewan about our Montana travels and how much we have learned staying at Wheaton Labs. After the festival was over we headed back to the farm for some rest and to spend time catching up with my family and friends. We didn’t really get any rest to be honest it was a busy time but so enjoyable.

On our way back to Montana we stopped at an Catherwood Organic’s Farm for a permaculture consultation. The owners were very nice intrigued by my travels to Wheaton Labs and wanted to discuss turning some of their property into a regenerative learning space for practicing permaculture and educating people. Exactly the kind of thing that I’m interested in helping out with. After discussion the proposed space we were lucky enough to get a tour of the farms working animals systems! It was a great time connecting and sharing ideas for the future. I hope to help them with their vision!

We arrived back at Wheaton Labs yesterday around noon and moved into the Love Shack, we decided that we wanted a break from tent life. Taylor is back working in the boot camp and I’m here hanging out. Glad to be back home.