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My daughter says her cat is a DRUG DEALER.  Then she explained... the cat gets high on these toxic mushrooms that grow in their lawn.  Lately, she's been seen leading neighbor cats to their mushrooms & teaching THEM to eat them.  They come home sometimes, to see several cats 'high' in their yard.
2 months ago
We live at the edge of town & have a Pyreneese.  We were concerned about the barking, so put a collar on him.  We tone him when he barks just to say "I'm here". ( a woof. . .woof).  But totally ignore alarm barking, or barking that only lasts a couple of minutes.  And NEVER shock!!   (Reserve shock only for an animal that is trying to kill your chicken or animal)  After a couple years of toning & turning on the back light, now we just turn on the light.  If it isn't that important, he stops barking.  But if he continues, we know something is right there by the fence.  The neighbors actually really like him.  He's repelled a cougar, coyote, possum, evil tom cat, & killed at least 1 possum.  My chickens, goats & I are safe.  He doesn't like strange men near me, but backs off if I tell him it's okay.  He was an adoption from a shelter.  He started out stepping on chickens & pulling out their feathers, jumping out of the fence & taking off, & knocking me down.. . a total disaster.  But now, he's probably the best LGD we've had. Oh, and the hawks don't even fly over our property anymore. . . they actually turn at our fenceline.
2 months ago
Very informative. Thank you.
But I DO have a question...
How do you keep squirrels from eating your hazels, or cutting & dropping the immature ones to the ground?
I have gotten NO hazels in the 10 or so years I've had the trees.  I did, however, see one on the ground.
5 months ago
Canope trees- Linden (edible leaves), Locust (n-fixer)    /  small trees - whatever fruit trees you like /  Shrubs- raspberries, elderberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries,serviceberries -and many more / Vines- grapes, hops. groundnut  / Groundcover/herbaceous- strawberries, sorrel, kale, melons, squash   / Roots- beets, radish, Jerusalem artichoke  / N-fixers- clover, sea buckthrorn, Locust, etc.  (can be chopped & dropped).    
Pollinator plants- Comfrey, Sunflowers, Wild flowers, Cosmos, Clovers, etc.

Get a "One Green World" catalog & see so many possible plants.  They are located in Portland, OR.
5 months ago

Goats love mulberries.  Perhaps that is a way to get rid of them, IF they are a problem in some areas.
6 months ago
Question..  How do you raise the "blue" elderberries that are native here?  They seem to be very picky compared to the darker berried varieties.
Does anyone have experience with establishing these?  Our soil is clay. Zone 5. Idaho    
The buried hugel just might work with these... thank you.
9 months ago
I would suggest finding-out if the trees had been treated with a Bayer product (neo-insecticide), before getting the leaves, if at all possible.
1 year ago