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I have a long time interest in being cheap and building things. I like woodcraft and am an armature Blacksmith (Go ABANA). Survivalists and herbalists fascinate me.
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Built one of these for my kids dorm room.  It worked pretty good for a small space and a few hours of relief and a nap.  You can sub a small fan that runs off a solar cell in for the plug in electric one shown in video.  Happy Nappies ya'll
5 months ago
Brown bread in a can (usually B&M) it is fantastic.  We used to put it on top in the clam boil, then slap a pad of butter on it when it came out all steaming hot. Did I mention, it's FANTASTIC.  
6 months ago
oh my goodness, this is a bit of guilty heaven with a sudsy adult beverage on the deck after a long day.  Comfort food rules.
8 months ago
I enjoy a good side of asparagus.   I would like to plant this in the garden, however, I have had friends warn me off the crop because it is pops up all over where you don't want it.  Have any of you here in growies land had any asparagus experience in keeping a good crop contained to its own areas without having to box it in from your regular garden plot?
I don't care for sunblock it has a bunch of chemical names I can not pronounce in it and I don't know if they are worse than the sun.  I prefer my chemicals to have treated a UV shirt and hat that I don when out in the sun.  I do smush on the gooey sunblock if I go in the ocean because skin cancer sounds AWFUL.  
8 months ago
This is such a difficult topic for families to deal with.  I have had conducted more death investigations than I can recall, the process is usually the same in that the family of the deceased is usually in shock and at a loss with what to do with their loved ones.  If the deaths are suspicious (I can only speak for CT) the Medical Examiner takes the body's for autopsy and then facilitates with final arrangements.  If the deaths are non suspicious and the body's are released by the state and the families are left with making a decision on final arrangements. Our local funeral homes have excellent staff. They are wonderful in assisting people, however, i always wished there was some resource people could have prior to the event.  Thank you for putting out this book, I look forward to reading it.  
1 year ago
I have not lived on board.  However, I have spent a lot of time on the water and in a few different marinas.  I was going to mention that it is always safer on the boat when you are not solo.  If you have a mate life is a lot easier (as long as you get along).  The other thing I'd mention is there are marina communities where if you rent a hook you get access to the amenities, like bathrooms, showers, laundry, repair services, etc.   I am not sure how mobile your life is but this is worth looking into.  I hope you fall in love with the sea.  
1 year ago
I saw this idea on Pinterest. So a few bucks later and some digging through the shed yielded me a little heater. I am amazed it works!

Who has a better one? Me lovely misses wants to know who has a prettier one. Ha
3 years ago
I have not done this. However, I have seen enormous marijuana grows that use fish in their hydroponic set ups. I know that there are several books and net articles on setting these systems up. If people can use it to grow weed I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work for other plants. Good luck!

3 years ago
If you are having difficulty in harvesting an animal due to emotional ties I believe asking a friend of like minded habits who has no ties to the animal to do the harvesting is totally acceptable.  Offer to reciprocate should they need it done.  

A tip on overcoming the aversion to shooting your bird.  Prior to harvesting due some target practice on targets that look like Turkeys.  You will psychologically acclimate to pulling the trigger.  In a controlled environment a .22 to the head is easily accomplished and doesn't damage any meat. Good Luck.  
3 years ago