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Catholic. Happily married! Writer/blogger. Vegetable & herb gardener and wishing to build on that, hence why I'm here. Looking also to learn more about a frugal, simple-living lifestyle. Interests include Distributism (economics as if people and families matter, as opposed to Capitalism and Socialism, where they don't. See "Small is Beautiful" by E.F. Schumacher, "Outline of Sanity" by G.K. Chesterton, "The Servile State" by Hilaire Belloc, and "Rerum Novarum" by Pope Leo XIII); open source software, reading, Star Trek/Babylon 5, Tolkien.
In alcoholism recovery (sober since May 22, 2002; I blog about that at
western NY (Erie County), USA; zone 5b/6a. Can't exactly tell where the boundary line is.
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The only problem I see with Brave is that it uses Google Chrome's rendering engine ('Blink') as well as allows access to the Chrome Web Store. If you're going to use that to get extensions for Brave, it defeats the purpose behind de-Googling. There is always Firefox, or, if one has issues with Mozilla, the Firefox forks known as PaleMoon and Waterfox might be handy. (I use Safari, as I like me my Mac 'puters. Vivaldi is my alternative browser, although that uses Chrome's Blink engine, as wells access to the Chrome Web Store for extensions.)
2 days ago
There's always something to learn. I'm forever a 'beginner“ because of the general nature of the posts and information in this forum.

Maybe you progress from 'beginner' to 'intermediate' when you find yourself giving (useful) advice more than you're asking for some? I don't know.
Anything involving your interests that's published by (in no particular order): Rodale, Storey, New Society and Skyhorse.

Used bookstores are great for finding out of print books. Less pricey that the same on Amazon.
I like the changes. Simpler, easy to navigate.

John C Daley wrote:Paul, the only way to fix your drive is to rip it up,turn it over, regrade and then put a roller over it.
Any hole you have now will simply reform again if you keep filling them.
Also, somehow enforce a speed limit .
I have tried on mine and failed.
Speeding vehicles will trash a driveway.

Best equipment a grader and multi tyred roller.
If you put gravel over it then, the best tool may be a box grader.
Watch box grader

We do have a friend who every so often (tho not in recent years) graded the driveway. That is an option, or perhaps a few years we can get our own small tractor and grade it ourselves. regarding the speed limit; it's self-imposing. Only an idiot would drive much beyond 5MPH upon seeing it
1 week ago
We have an 800 foot long driveway and have been considering using asphalt milling to fill it in. It is pot-holed and looks like the Army and Marine Corps were using it in an artillery competition. Driving over 3MPH is not recommended. What do you suggest to use as an alternative?
1 week ago
I met my wife in 2007 on the Catholic dating site, Catholic Match. She seemed cute, wasn't too far away, seemed unconcerned about material issues (I had little material assets) shared my religious and spiritual values and was open to my visiting. That was July 2007 (began online messaging), followed by a face-to-face meeting in August, followed by my relocating to near her place over October/November 2007. I proposed in December and we married next March 2008.

She isn't a permaculturist, likes *having gardened* but doesn't care for the actual process (some physical issues) but has no problem with me making a mess of the backyard with my gardening adventures.
Today may be one of the last the last times for burying compost in the garden; I went out a few hours ago and it appears the ground is starting to freeze. I found some worms still wriggling around about 6 inches or so deep, but the surface was harder than last time.
3 weeks ago

Janet Reed wrote:I’m in the same spot!  A 46 degree day yesterday sent me out to clean up garden messes and plan for trellises.  This year I’m thinking of making them our of alder which we are overrun with.

Snow in spots, everything wet and dark.  Nothing singing but the chickadees. Come On Spring!

So far, the only thing I've done is bury the compost I collect in coffee cans. It's fun going out there to pull open the gate and wander across the garden to pick a spot and dig a hole. I gaze out across all 350 sq ft (doubled in size from the 2020 season) and remember the fun times and wonder about next year's garden.
3 weeks ago
Do both! Fire up the coffee maker and brew while you nap! Coffee will be ready when you wake up! It's a win-win-situation...
3 weeks ago