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Recent posts by Garret Wray

Me and my girlfriend have to move out of where we live this summer, so I figured I'd see if anyone here on Permies that lives in western Oregon, and has a farm that could use some help. Would be nice to live on some land that's owned by someone that is 420 friendly. My gf grew up on a farm here in Oregon, and we're both nerdy. I'm an artist, gamer, and spiritual person so it'd be nice to be around someone that might have a community farm/permaculture situation. So if anyone is out there and sees this, and you live in Oregon please contact me.
I know it's a long shot to find someone with a certain je ne sais quoi on here, but I'm still looking for a kindred soul somewhere here in the world. If I found the right kind of person, I'd be willing to relocate as long as it's in the US territories. What I would love to find in someone is a person that is spiritual, honest, caring, empathic, non-judgemental, nerdy, and that cares more about what's inside than out. I'm a fairly introverted person most of the time, unless I'm around someone that I enjoy the company of. I Just hate dumbing myself down, and not being able to be my real self around people. I'm not your average person, spiritually and I have my faith firmly in Yeshua (Jesus) and our heavenly father Yahuah (God). I'm no longer asleep to the truth of this world, and our existence here, and would love to find somebody that is on the same kind of path as myself on a metaphysical level. I have my problems (a bad back, depression, near-sightedness, and others) but I believe what truly matters is how a person treats others, and themselves. Life is too short to be petty and materialistic. None of that will matter when you're dead, you can't take anything with you except your memories. So if somebody out there can relate to what I've written and wants to know more, feel free to contact me on Discord at Samus_X420#1499, or on Facebook at Garret Xax ( ) as I'm rarely on here anymore.
1 month ago
The way things are going, an off the grid life is looking more appealing. Looking for some people who are strong in faith, and can help shape some land into a small community for when the world falls apart. My gf's family owns farmland in southern Oregon. It'd be nice to find some people who can do heavy work like building homes, like earthships, yurts, etc. Any off the grid knowledge, and living off the land experience would help so much. I don't know if there is anyone on here that would be interested, but if someone out there is.. please contact me.
3 months ago
Looking for one or two people to join me and my gf out on her family's land here in Oregon when SHTF, and start a tiny community where we all have skills to help build an off the grid place to thrive. My name is Garret, I'm 38yrs old, an artist, nerd, computer and a gaming fan. We could really use the help of someone that knows perma-culture and has skills to build housing or an earthship, and also someone that knows how to make a cistern, and greenhouse. It'd be very helpful to find someone here in Oregon, or that is willing to move here when things become too unbearable in the cities countrywide, whom has any of the above skills. Looking to build some tiny homes on her family's property within the next couple of years. They do own farmland out in the country, so there are crops and a nearby neighbor that has a ranch. So if someone out there is interested, feel free to write me here or on Discord. My handle is Samus_X420#1499 on there.
5 months ago
Looking to find somebody out here in the Pacific Northwest area that's rainbow family, possibly that has a bus or off the grid living situation. Someone that's open minded, intelligent, caring, good at cooking, is spiritual and not judgemental. I'm so tired of the usual people out in the world who are close minded and empty headed. So many people these days are superficial, ignorant and only care about self gratification. It'd be nice to just once, meet someone that's on another spiritual vibe like I am. Though I have to hide myself among the sheeple these days, since they attack anyone that is different and not part of the dumbed down herd.
9 months ago
With things going as they are, I think it's about time to bug-out. I know it's unlikely many people out in the world are preppers, or are awake.. but I figured i'd try one last time here to find someone. Looking for someone that's got their own land, and is prepared for the worst that's yet to come. This virus outbreak is only the beginning, and I want to be somewhere that I can help grow food and not have to rely on modern society to exist. People are hoarding supplies, and acting like a scared herd of cows. If it's this bad so fast, imagine when things get really strict and supplies run short. I just want to find someone that I can share at least some sort of life outside cities and towns. I know it's a long shot, but it'd be nice to meet someone of alike mind and who's also down the rabbit hole as it were.
9 months ago
Though I'm not good at growing, I do love animals and I"m also an artist. I currently live in Oregon, but it'd be cool to travel again.  I do massage therapy a little, but it's rare. I'm also very spiritual, and laid back. I'd write more but am a bit shy publicly. Would love to know more, feel free to PM me.
About me:
Nerdy, geeky, hopeless romantic, gamer, artist, passionate lover, empathic, spiritualist, sincere and a good friend to those I care about. Down to earth, honest, loyal, caring, sensual, and I'm very affectionate when I'm with someone. I believe in chivalry, and making my partner feel special, though what matters most to me is the little things like leaving notes for one another, spontaneous kisses, PDA, etc. I am a homebody, but I do like to go out and do fun things when I have good company. I have chronic back pain so I can't go hiking or anything too strenuous, and I'm not much into the outdoors because of my allergies to pollen. I'm a kid at heart, but do the things that I need to as an adult. I also love to cook for friends, or make handmade gifts for someone I'm with, or surprise them with flowers now and then. Just little stuff like that. I'm very laid back, anti-drama, and down to earth. I've got a good sense of humor, although it's a little twisted and perverted at times. And I love to laugh about random things.  I'm also an introverted ambivert, INFJ type.

I'm looking for someone that's intelligent, romantic, honest, passionate, caring, geeky, sincere, non-judgemental, can be spontaneous, and is a good listener. I want to find someone I can grow old with, and have them as a partner who will love me for me. Somebody that isn't afraid to take a chance on a guy like me. I may not seem like much, but looks are deceiving. I don't care for superficial people, or people who only care about if a guy has money and is a workaholic.I want someone who has a big heart, and is genuine. Looking fora real connection. Seeking someone who's got morality, and is open minded, and awake to live off the grid with, and build a life together. I know my chances on here of finding someone like that are slim, but it's not easy to meet any preppers or people who are spiritually awake these days.
So what all are you looking for in someone? And what kinds of hobbies and other things in life do you enjoy doing?