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Recent posts by Tj Jefferson

I’d recommend buying cuttings and rooting them. Goumi is about the easiest thing I’ve ever rooted. Those prices are silly!
2 days ago
I had terrible ants on figs a couple years back. I put in rock piles near the figs and now have lizards and tree frogs - and no ant damage.
2 days ago
I am very seriously thinking of posting pix of my eggplant. So many different shapes there something for all you veggie pervs out there.
1 week ago
Adequate moisture is very important and if you have the means to soak them like mentioned or use cardboard you should have good success. Winecaps are really really tough and forgiving. Others like blewits are a little more picky. Still pretty easy though as long as they do not dry out until they have a month or so of time to invade to the depth they want.
1 week ago
That charger is only a 4.9j charger. I have no idea what the brush burden is on your fence but I have a 24 j charger for about 3x that distance. It should have a low voltage shut off function in the manual and I suspect that’s the issue but I don’t know. I have a 12j charger for the low wire since that one is the highest burden. In my experience most people don’t realize how many joules you need to push on a line with lots of small losses. Once you have a larger charger then you can trace the faults.

To give you an idea, my 24j charger will normally put out ~8j to charge to 8kv, but a few branches on the wire will make it push double the joules for 5kv, but that allows me to trace faults. I’ve also found that my buried insulated wires (Gates and initial wire run to the fence) are very significant losses. Like 1A per 20’. I have a few trees as posts and even with insulators I get induced current losses (pushing high voltage will do that) to where I can measure current in the tree!

Thought experiment- overheard power lines are 12.5kv and look at the insulation used. Little dinky tube insulators of crappy plastic with moisture will make losses pretty high.
1 week ago
All the shiitake sawdust spawn I have ever purchased is really a mix of sterilized sawdust with a few handfuls of grain spawn thrown in as the inoculant. That being said birds (at least chickens) will happily eat mycelium. I doubt I had any pill bugs o the logs, they were on a concrete pad well away from soil.

I thought the logs were destroyed but I used them as a walking path in the herb garden and Lo and behind two years later we got hundreds of shiitake off them. The logs actually colonized the wood chips near them (which is pretty cool!) and fruited exceptionally. A few were not successful but I’d say around 3/4 were ok. So don’t give up on the logs.
1 week ago
Looks like you have several more weeks before ground freeze. I’d get them in, and maybe add some chicken manure or something to generate a little heat( not much it will kill spawn). I’ve put down spawn pretty much all year and winecaps are very aggressive. When they fruit in late fall I’ve replanted the stems and they have grown new patches just fine.

I prioritize stuff I must do in the spring and anything else I do in the fall. Ironically I seed my spring plants in the fall if they need stratification. Let nature do the work! Areas I run chickens in the fall/winter not such a good plan.
1 week ago
Folks this is a family site, please keep allium pix off here.
1 week ago
You can use a amp meter as long as it holds the high reading. Measure amps along the fence and high reading will lead you to the short. Fence testers are made with that function from premier one and kencove.
1 week ago