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For a free video editor I would suggest Hitfilm Express 2017.

Easy to plus there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube on how to use it from beginner to advanced.

And did I mention it is free??
After having a good discussion with my wife, we have decided to begin looking for a couple of older RV's/camp trailers to use on our property once we get it.
Love my wife dearly but "roughing it" isn't always her top priority.  

It's taken time but she is also on-board with my (now our) homesteading plans.
4 years ago
This has been an awesome read.

I am in a similar situation with little in the way of resources/cash and with debt I am trying to get rid of.
Gives me hope that my plans at least have a chance of working.  

In the area I live in there is a ton of land available.
Some of it easily attainable (5-10 acre lots @$250 down/$250 month) but you are paying a premium per acre (nearly $10k/acre).
There are other plots of varying size that come up for sale at better prices but not always a owner financed situation which is what we need.

My goal, for whatever land we buy, will be to have it paid off within a 5-6 year period.
So still looking, praying and hoping.
4 years ago
Thanks for the input.

This is good stuff to know since I will undoubtedly have much juniper to deal with.
I don't want to waste anything by unnecessarily burning stuff that I can put to use in some fashion or another.
4 years ago
Just found this thread.  Guess I am going to have to check out the show.  

I am always intrigued by people who have recently made the jump and started building a homestead.
My family and I are SOOOOO close to doing that ourselves that I can taste it.
I've spent enough time researching and dreaming.  It's time to start doing and applying.  

Cudos to Tony and Amelia for making it happen for themselves.
4 years ago
Will be nice if its actually viable but I agree that I am not seeing anything truly different from other wind turbines I have looked at.
4 years ago
Heh, yes thats what I meant.

Sorry for the goof.
4 years ago
Primary concern here is whether using woodchips from trees with allelopathic properties is a good idea or not.

Much of the land in my area tends to be covered with juniper trees and its a high probability that any land we buy will have said trees on it.
That being said, is it safe to use wood chips from such trees for mulch?

Thank you for your input.

EDIT: Updated with proper term (I hope)
4 years ago
Anxious or not, it behooved me asking in here for whatever advice I could get from everyone.

Odd how important winter has become and its only mid-August.  

Thank you to everyone for your input.
4 years ago
Definitely appreciating the input from everyone.

It appears clearer at this point that any construction options are best to wait til spring.

Been studying/researching alternative home construction, homesteading,gardening/permaculture for past 7 months and only now has the ability to move forward with all this arrived.
I am sure you can understand our desire to find a way to actually pull the trigger now.
4 years ago