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since Aug 09, 2016
Management in an Industrial Tooling using Diamant
Self Employed in Aquaculture Farming
Management Consultant in Central Africa.
Porto, Portugal
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Bamboo - Civilisation Marker - The Chicken Kiosk

It is a kiosk, but instead of being dedicated to the old ones it will house the family's chickens:  
    - the little chicks well protected at the top,
    - The young ones at half height
    - With access to the ground with two floors:
        - broiler,
       - two or three laying hens.

We access from outside to each of the four parts to ensure the care or simply the pleasure of talking to the birds. The hens are housed under a bamboo roof, organized in a bamboo structure. All possible equipment is made of bamboo by people living near nature in the middle of bamboo.
1.- Shelter chickens and prevent them from wandering.
2.- Allow the family to enjoy chickens without the disadvantages in an aesthetic setting with bamboo.
To be defined : the structure
To be defined : the materials and the competencies required
Concept to be on
Bill of material :
Central pole : assembly of 4 ⦽ 8-10 cm culms.
12 peripheral poles of 2 ⦽ 6-8 cm culms
12 poles of a ⦽ 8-10 cm
12 triangular mats of breaded bamboo pannels for roofing
4 platforms of 1 m x 2 m with poultry fences of 1-2cm ⦽, bamboo around and on top of the cages, the 2 bottom cages give accès to a grazing space of 30 m2  with at least one tree, the top ones remain in their cage for their protection.
Time Line
Aug 25 : presentation of the project on
Construction of a “Modèle Réduit en tiges de bambou de 1 cm (Farguesia nigra)
Sep 15 : contract with a bamboo joinery expert for the detailed connection
Oct 31 : The full size prototype is ready for a video of assembly.

Jean Pierre Michotte.
2 years ago
I am very sorry to read that \
3 months ago, I was willing to go away in Switzerland for Euthanasia \
I met a wonderfull doctor, I was diagonsticated a Cancer tumor in the neck.
But my wife and I decided to fight back and that is how I came back to to force me to do something
I do not want to say that I know how to do.
I am pertubaed by what you discribe, I just want to put you back in a rewarding atmosphere. Send me one of your wood model, We will put it for sale in our WEB page of Physical artwork for the amount you want and we will see what. I will put your price plus a commissiom for the site, soit isnot charity.
  It is busdiness and we will be partners

Jean Pierre Michotte  
2 years ago
The best way out is just start a project and explain it: I am sure, people would be interested in participate.
I am living in Porto,Portugal be just tell me what I can do:
For the moment I am trying to build a web site to promote bamboo as a live transformer, Do you have bamboo in your environment ?
With your skill, You could fabricate art-work in bamboo and we would sell it on hour web site : physical store "Art Object in Bamboo:
Look at our site in building, become an "abonné" and we will chat over it.

Jean Pierre Michotte
2 years ago
[b]I made a new friend in Quebec, Canada.[/b]

I need to be familiar  with his environment and that is how I do it ...........


My new friend is living in a wonderfull place. A quite place : a little more than 2.000 inhabitants. Some splendid places !

I needed to share with all the visitors my happines to see such beautyfull places:
In Permaculture, there is "Culture"

Jean Pierre Michotte
2 years ago
I am an "expat" living in Porto for more than 8 years now:

At an hour drive from here You have Guimaraes, Viana do Castelo the birth places of Portugal. And the weather is so "Avril au Portugal"

I am an old guy, so my wife tells me : "pas de porto". But, for you try a Calem 10 or 20 years of age ! Delicious before going to bed.
Jean Pierre Michotte
2 years ago
Do not underestimate the Natural Resources of an "Abandoned Land".

                               Urtica dioïca 1753 L.


Extract from Wikipedia

The large nettle ( Urtica dioica L.), also called dioecious nettle or common nettle , is a herbaceous , perennial plant of the family Urticaceae and the genus Urtica . It is a species of Eurasian origin that is present today worldwide. Urticating, it is also a food plant and used for different agricultural, industrial and medicinal uses. Its flowers are unisexual, carried either by different feet ( diécie ), or by the same foot ( monoécie very rare), which can help to better understand the genetic mechanisms of the sexual separation of plants.

Vegetative apparatus

Stinging hair, called a sting, has a silica tip that sticks like a needle in the epidermis, and is capped with a "bulb" that breaks like glass at the slightest friction, releasing the stinging liquid.
It is a herbaceous perennial plant 60 to 150 cm high, forming colonies thanks to its long rhizomes . All its organs (stem, leaves, flower) are covered with two types of hair: long stinging hairs (quills called scientifically trichomes ) and small soft hairs. The density of these quills increases in plants grazed by herbivores or subjected to mechanical aggression (trampling, mowing). The nettles of the undergrowth have fewer spines because they are less exposed and therefore less assaulted. This variable density is related to the strategy of defense against herbivores , the induced defense and the allocation of resources [ 1 ] . The stinging hairs are unevenly distributed: the base of the stem and the internodes have a lower density, as well as the upper surface of the leaves (where the more sparse hairs are located mainly along the veins ), but again, there is great variability [ 2 ] . They are generally oriented upwards, which makes it possible to pick them with bare hands by gently pinching the stem while raising the fingers upwards [ 3 ] . However, harvesting with thick gloves is less risky, as is harvesting when it is mounted to seed because it stings less. In case of an injection, it is possible to calm the burns by crushing the skin of fresh leaves of Grand Plantain , or in the absence of mint leaves, elderberry, parsley, crushed nettle, ground ivy , sorrel or mauve, or even apply dry earth, a half of onion or a compress soaked in vinegar [ 4 ] .
Its stems with quadrangular section are erect and unbranched (however, a cut stem can very well emit lateral discharges ) [ 5 ] .

The dark green, opposite leaves, ovate to lanceolate , are usually twice as long as they are wide. They are lined with strong triangular teeth. Epidermal cells contain calcified corpuscles called cystoliths . The more or less elongated form of cystoliths is a derivative characteristic of Urticaceae [ 6 ] .

This nettle has rhizomes tracing a few mm thick, with a hairy fine adventitious roots that contain polysaccharides , a lectin , many phenolic compounds, lignans and sterols [ 7 ] .


Here is a video from youtube that will allow you to make and store your nettle purse for a period of 3 years.
Be careful not to make manure in the fresh air.
This has the opposite effect: attracting insects and parasites !!!

Préparation du Purin d'Orties

Jean Pierre Michotte.
2 years ago
How to fill the pond ?


    On a relatively flat ground it is necessary to create a system
      - in which all the run-off and infiltration waters will go towards a hollow
      - which runs all along time the parcel
      - to end up to the fish pond
      - this run-off wrinkle and the fish pond will be largely covered with aquatic vegetation and bamboo bordering for shore consolidation.

Jean Pierre Michotte:

2 years ago
Water Balance Search.

In application of the previous analysis, the first step will be the search a balance between :
      - The available water in the field and
      - the rainfall of the driest years for 10 years
      - To get that, we make a research on the Internet the statistics of precipitation and evapotranspiration.


Results estimated
    - Evapotranspiration is between 0.5 and 3 mm per day
   - Rain is way above except during the month of July and sometimes June or August.
   - Conclusion the pond must have a reserve for irrigation of 6.100 (surface in suare meters) x 2 mm x 30 days = 366 cubic meters (a pond of (150 square meter, 2.5 m depth)

Jean Pierre Michotte.
2 years ago
The Logic behind Managing a Permaculture Plot with "Bamboo - Civilisation Marker"


From "Software engineering Techniques: (p 193 and following) We practice that for years !!!

It looks Hygh Tech and it is Hygh Tech, but that does not means hard to APPLY.
    - Know your soil profile
    - Know your plant processes
    - Know the relationship (Soil-Plant-Atmosphere

Then collect info the Weather and you can do the two most important thging for success
                               - manage your irrigation spot by spot
                              - Master the plot Water Balance.

Jean Pierre Michotte.
2 years ago
More details on the permaculture Plot (with telecommunication and surveillance equipment).

                                                                               Drawing with communication details.

Jean Pierre Michotte.
2 years ago