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I am passionate about truth. I want to find the right lady to grow old with... One that believes in traditional gender roles. A partner in life. A lady that I can protect and provide for that will love and respect me as I will her.we are all damaged and flawed... But I believe that with the right attitude love will make life just a little bit more than it is for the average.
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I am getting ready to go to Alaska in a converted school bus. I purchased a harvest right freeze dryer... And have over the last 3 months preserved 2 of the 50 gallon totes full of all manner of foods. This has been quite the adventure and the wonderful part is is that the food. Has a 25+ year shelf life. The feeling of having a year or more (with my dry goods) of food is very satisfieing .
1 month ago
What do you think of Trump? Can you post a picture of yourself? And do you eat meat?
2 months ago
One year I threw some spagetti squash seeds along a ditchbank. One washed down and behind the house and took root. I had no idea about this. In the fall I looked at the peach tree and saw these huge yellow fruit hanging down and asked the wife what kind of tree it ( it was a rental and our first year in it) so when I went to look it was 1 squash plant that had taken over the entire top of the tree....
Wait untill well past dark. Put a rock in a cloth bag and put on a coat hat gloves etc... Then simply walk up WITH GLOVES ON!  and put the bag up around the nest and break it off in the bag. Tie a string around the bag and put it in water to drown the buggers. Wasp kill honey bees but are not likely to hurt your chickens... Except for possible stings to there gizzards lol. If you are into ninja arts you can wait for the wasp to die then carefully squeeze the single drop of venom out of each one onto your ninja swords and let it dry... If you put 100 drops on the blade it will likely kill anything you cut. Be careful you do not cut though. The sack (think pillowcase) works perfectly. So does a shopvac. I wouldn't use wasp spray inside the chicken coop as the lady's will eat any dead or dying wasps . chickens are quite indiscriminate lol. If you shop vac them. Just have a plug for the hose. It will not kill them and they will be mad.
2 months ago
Tell us a little about yourself.... Can you. Add a picture of yourself?
2 months ago
Its too bad your a vegan... As I'm a MEATATARIAN...LOL good luck with your search
2 months ago
You seem to be on the right track. And are quite attractive.  Question; how do you feel about Trump? Sadly that one question will be relevant to many in these days. I am 51. I have helped raise 2 sons,and miss that aspect of life. I do eat meat and (lol) have cell service. I am currently located 45 minutes from Boise Idaho.and I would love to talk with you if you are interested.
3 months ago
You are quit tall ..... When compared to thatatractive human....
5 months ago