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Recent posts by Kathy Mason

Is there a tool called maulaxeshovelprunerhorihori?  If so, that would let me get through most everything!
11 months ago
Hey Dre, welcome back!!!  Think of how much trouble a person could get into with a cool assortment of tools like this!  And we could even garden or? At night!!!
11 months ago
Such a beautiful book!  Yay!  It was so exciting to see it arrive in the mail, and I can't wait for snow to melt and the ground to thaw to plant the seeds!  Raven, your handwoven towel is gorgeous, it is washed and ready for the trial run  I love your cloth label, can you share where you get these from?  I'm a spinner and weaver also, and am always looking for a better solution!  Thank you so much, I'm really glad this was well supported, you guys have put so much work into it, and it's AWESOME!!!
1 year ago
Just another quick note on the composting paper towels and napkins.  I happened to have a recycled paper towel under the microscope at work as an absorbant.  And what did I see?  A lot of PLASTIC and miscellaneous bits in the mix.  REALLY rethinking using paper towels now.  they really mean to be vague when "they" say post consumer waste.  Truly, it could be anything in there, not necessarily paper.
2 years ago
I've woven quite a few, and cotton is hands down the most popular (they last forever!) - huck or twill since they are durable and textured.  8/2 is for the slightly heftier feel, 10/2 for more delicate.  My folks mostly prefer a multicolored napkin because they don't show the soil.  Solid is dressier for a special meal perhaps?  Popular sizes are simlilar in size to a handwoven medium sized dishtowel.  Well washed linen is very nice and soft, but doesn't like to give up it's prizes from your meal; staining very easily and keeping the stain.  Cotton starts out soft, doesn't take thousands of washes to make it that way, and organic cotton is heavenly!  Also comes in a lot of natural colors; greens, browns, cream and everything in between.  I don't know about anyone else, but I can't keep any for myself - they fly out as fast as I can make them
2 years ago
Welcome Karen!  Wow, I'm so excited to see your book offered!  To be able to make some cheeses that have flavor and freshness - can't wait!
3 years ago
Paid, video appeared like magic, it was delightful!