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Want to live off-grid, grow most my own food, raise my own animals, do my creative work home-based, get lost in the forest.  I love to explore, hike, mountain bike, photograph things. 
San Diego, CA
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Big issue to me.  I've been researching moving to the PNW, specifically the Hood Canal area for two years + now.  Lo & behold when I started researching geology & seismology for the area, the town we're interested in sits smack dab on the Seattle Fault!  Go me!  LOL!   Mind you, I'm currently in San Diego and we currently, this very week, are under an Earthquake Advisory due to a swarm of small quakes near the Salton Sea/Brawley area.  Never rec'd an actual official *advisory* before.  Greater likelihood of a major quake following a swarm like that, and near the San Andreas.  So that whole "There's threats EVERYWHERE!" logic is something I live with all the time, yes, it's a pick-your-poison situation.  But there's a huge difference between a subduction zone quake and ensuing tsunami, and what we get down here.......  While we're overdue and expecting a Big One down here for a long while now, it doesn't put the fear of God into me like the thought of the Cascadia subduction zone slip as is expected up in the PNW.  Totally different *type* of quake.  (Lift & drop, vs. the kind of quakes we get down here --side-to-side shakers). Study of it has had me obsessed for months now.  I read everything I can get my hands on about it.  It's survivable, but life-after will be like nothing any of us have ever seen.  You have to be prepared for what that life will be like......

Yet still....I want to move there.  What is wrong with me, right?  I consider it a calculated risk, and you simply have to be a prepper.  If you don't prep (min. 6 months, but I personally would do a years-worth), you're out of your mind and get what you settle for.  People can't say they haven't been warned.  Some just *choose* to bury their heads in the sand.  

I'd strongly suggest you do the research, too.  Start with reading anything by Brian Atwater.  

These books will open your eyes to the projected realities:

Also set yourself up for Google alerts for the Universities of WA & OR re: "earthquake", "subduction zone", "tsunami" and you'll get all the latest published papers, studies and reports coming out of those universities on latest developments..... (<--they have the best departments researching this!)
4 years ago
I don't see a whole lot of properties more than an acre or half acre for sale in Port Townsend.  
4 years ago

Dylan Gillies wrote:Carol, how did you pick Seabeck? its literally right across hood canal from Brinnon!

Heh heh....good question, but the answer may seem odd. Seabeck sort of called to me. I'd been looking for areas to move to in WA for over a couple of years and somehow I keep landing (online) back on Seabeck and all of it's attributes/people/location/amenities (which include distance from a sizeable town)....mostly it's the proximity to forest/water/mountains, having these all so close to owning/on land. My husband and I hope to be up there soon to do our in-person reconn trip, may change our minds about exact location. We want to be remote, but not too remote. We're both pushing 60 and despite best efforts to the contrary, may not live don't want to be too far from things like medical. But really want to be able to live in nature without a neighbor in direct sight, have animals and be able to grow much of our own food.

How did you choose Brinnon?
4 years ago
I've been doing some Googling, but it isn't clear to me in what I'm finding.......would previous geologic issues with a property show up in the title search/clearance in the state of WA before purchase of a property/escrow can close, does anyone know? Course I s'pose that would be a worthless issue if a house hasn't sustained any damage previously, or it's land had any obvious slides..... hmmm Doesn't mean you won't be in for a ride-of-your-life when the Big One hits.....

Will look at those landslide links posted above.....

Edited to add....
Oh...found this:

And probably the best bet would be to have the property inspected by a geologist/engineer.

Donald Kenning wrote:Hi;

I think it is like a "sand vault" kinda thing. If you are on the canal or living on one of the creeks or rivers that feed the south part of the canal, they may insist on this type. The expense is shipping in the sand and the back hoe and stuff. And, of course, Belfair has that sewer system now, if you go there.

But Potlach to the Dosewallups river water shed (Brinnon) puts you on the east side of the canal (sea in the front door, Olympics out the back). But most of the towns that have anything are Brinnon in the North and Shelton (12 miles beyond Potlach) in the South. And of course, Belfair and Union on the "hook".

Unfortunately, I've learned to not always trust what realtors tell you...there can be a big discrepancy there. Who would be an agency/service to ask re: evaluating a property's septic system before buying a house/property??? Anyone you'd recommend?

Megh Marie wrote:Hi Carol-

I spent a year in Coupeville on Whidbey Island, and I would recommend it. It is part of the rain shadow, so gets around half the amount of rain as seattle.

Thanks for the recommendation! My son spent some time there in Coupeville and really liked it. Is there much by way of rural properties though? I got the impression there weren't too many....

Nicole Alderman wrote:

Here's a link to the Puget Sound Landslide Slope Stability Map:

And, here's a bunch of Kitsap County Maps:

We have in my county a "Erosional Surficial Geology Map" which goes into detail about the type of foundational geology of given piece of land and how likely it is that it will shake rattle and roll away during an earthquake. Hopefully they have such maps in the county you end up looking at (it was a pain trying to find the one for my county, but hopefully having the search term will get you there).

I hope that helps!

That HAS been a big concern, the more I've read about the fault lines, the Oso slide, and inevitable Big One coming! Figure we're going to get with one whether we stay her ein S. CA or move up there, so why not just brace for it, eh? THANSK for the great links!!!

John Devitt wrote:Carol,
There are currently a lot of nice 5+ acre sites for sale. I am actually looking for something different in the area as well. How about a 6 acre property bisected by a road (not well traveled) with 160' of salt water tide flats for $99K? Undeveloped lots can go for 30-50K for 5 acres.

PM me if you would like and I would be willing to give you my contact information. It would be easier to give you the good and the over a phone conversation.

Hi John.....We aren't currently actively looking beyond the "research stage" right will likely be more more 2+ years out that we can actual purchase. But I'll keep this thread bookmarked for the contact info---THANK YOU!
Thought my ears were burning....

That was a lot of great info you shared, Donald...thanks again! Dylan..the link to that thread is here:

As a side note, I've become (online) friendly with several people from the area I'm interested in moving to, Seabeck (eastern side of Hood Canal)...found them on area-specific forums like on Facebook, as well as (obviously) HERE. I've seriously been impressed with how friendly folks are, and very community-oriented, looking out for one another! I had a lot of questions for them re: activities for elderly folk, as my 87 y.o. mom may be moving with us when we move up there.....I was given a ton of links to activities in nearby Silverdale. A bit far from Brinnon, but I'm guessing your father might find the same*friendly-factor* in nearby towns (?) if he ends up seeking camaraderie if you leave!

I should amend the above to say...not all forums are the same when it comes to "friendly". I encountered one or two before I found this one, for example, where a core group of Washingtonians darn near had me convinced by their hostile attitudes that all Washingtonians hate anyone moving into their area, but ESPECIALLY Californians...some even going so far as to say they'd rather not sell their house at all, than sell it a Californian. Wull, I'm happy to report that that folks like that are a teeny minority overall. I've since found and met (online) far more friendly, and more-than-helpful Washingtonians who go so far as to volunteer a place for you to stay till you get settled in!
4 years ago
Interesting thread and I plan on trying those soap nuts!

FWIW....I happen to be a professional soapmaker, and what I use is some of my naturally-made, biodegradable non-phosphate soap (phosphates are big no-no for septic systems re: algae growth they encourage), grate up a half cup (per laundry load), let the grated soap soak in a cup of water about 30 minutes or soak til it all "gels", and throw that in as my washing soap. To brighten whites, I pour in a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Pre-make batches and bottle, too.
4 years ago